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The White Castle (unofficial) is the location for Weiss Schnee's performance and the battle with the Giant Armor during the "White" Trailer.


The White Castle has the appearance of a medieval, gothic-style castle. The walls are black, with white details; the floor is also black, with a circle of light coming in from what appears to be the moon. A large circular hole in the ceiling allows this light to come through.

It appears to have a giant central hall, as well as a stage for performances, presumably with rows of seats for an audience. At the end of one corridor is a window with the Schnee Dust Company logo.

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  • The unofficial name for the location, White Castle, is also the name of a chain of fast food restaurants in America. Writers Miles Luna and Kerry Shawcross have mentioned that they find this incredibly amusing.[1]
    • Miles and Kerry actually edited this article on February 26th, 2013, stating that it is not actually called White Castle, but they unfortunately did not give an actual name.



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