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Participants Episode(s) Result
Weiss vs. Giant Armor "White" Trailer Won
Weiss and Ruby vs. Beowolves "The Emerald Forest" Retreated
Team RWBY vs. Nevermore "Players and Pieces" Won
Weiss vs. Boarbatusk "The Badge and The Burden, Pt.2" Won
Team RWBY vs. Team JNPR "Best Day Ever" Won
Team RWBY, Sun and Neptune vs. Roman "Painting the Town..." Won
Team RWBY vs. Grimm "Search and Destroy" Won
Team RWBY and Dr. Oobleck vs. White Fang "No Brakes" Won
Weiss vs. White Fang Lieutenant "No Brakes" Lost
Huntsmen vs. Grimm "Breach" Won
Team RWBY vs. Team ABRN "Round One" Won
Weiss and Yang vs. Flynt and Neon "Never Miss a Beat"
  • Won (Team)
  • Knocked Out (Individually)
Students vs. Grimm, White Fang, AK-200s and Paladins Withdrew
Minor Characters