Beacon AcademyEdit

Velvet is a former second-year student at Beacon Academy.

Team CFVYEdit

Velvet is a member of Team CFVY. According to Monty Oum, Velvet Scarlatina's teammates greatly value her abilities and have had many battles together.[1]

Team CFVYEdit

Coco AdelEdit

Coco Adel is Velvet's team leader. The two interact while fighting Grimm in "Breach", when Coco tells Velvet to save her weapon for another time. Velvet appears disappointed, but she obeys her leader anyway. She appears to care deeply and worries for Coco after she and Yatsuhashi lost the match in "Lessons Learned".

Fox AlistairEdit

Velvet is on a team with Fox. There hasn't been much interaction between them, but Fox comforted her after their team lost in "Lessons Learned".

Yatsuhashi DaichiEdit

Yatsuhashi is a teammate of Velvet's, and although they haven't been seen much, Yatsuhashi seems to be protective of her. He defended her from flying spikes, and Velvet has described him as watching out for her.

Team RWBYEdit

Team RWBYEdit

Velvet seems to be on friendly terms with Team RWBY, as evident by their show of concern regarding Team CFVY's late arrival.

Velvet tells them that they were fine and wishes them luck and safety on their mission.

Ruby Rose Edit

Ruby and Velvet get along well. They strike up a friendly conversation about her photography, and Velvet also asks about Yang Xiao Long, showing concern for Ruby's sister after the incident where Yang injured Mercury.

Weiss SchneeEdit

Despite Weiss' usual distrust of Faunus, Velvet remains on good terms with her. When Team CFVY returned from their mission late, Weiss appeared to be worried and anxiously questioned her on what happened.

During the Battle of Beacon, Weiss shows concern for Velvet when Coco sends her in to fight the Atlesian Paladin-290 on her own. Later, after Velvet becomes overwhelmed, Weiss steps in to save her, tapping into a part of her Semblance she hadn't yet been able to utilize. With a smile, Velvet takes a picture afterward.

Blake BelladonnaEdit

Blake and Velvet get along well. Blake is angered when she sees Cardin or others discriminating Velvet. Blake is concerned when Team CFVY returns from a mission late, and is the first on Team RWBY to rush to Velvet. Currently, Velvet is unaware of Blake's Faunus heritage.

Yang Xiao LongEdit

Velvet has not yet been seen interacting with Yang, however she disagreed with those who badmouthed Yang after her match against Mercury Black, and told Ruby that Yang is "such a nice person."


Cardin WinchesterEdit

Velvet is one of Cardin's bullying victims. She is first bullied by him in "Jaunedice", where he pulls her rabbit ears in order to prove they are real, whilst the rest of his team mock her.


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