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Vale is a large city on the western coast of the kingdom of Vale.

Vale has a large port area where passenger and cargo ships dock, including international ships from Vacuo and Atlas. The cargo docks include large-scale container handling facilities, indicating that the port handles large quantities of goods on a frequent basis.

To the southeast lies a mountainous and uninhabited area, but it is also known to contain the ruins of Mountain Glenn, a failed attempt by the kingdom to extend the city's borders. The location was eventually overrun by Grimm and had to be fenced off from the rest of the city.


The city of Vale is divided into multiple sectors, having an upper-class district, a commercial district, an industrial district, an agricultural district and a residential district.

Commercial DistrictEdit

1201 Best Day Ever 07202

Tukson's Book Trade

The commercial district of Vale includes numerous shops for the public catering to a variety of lifestyles and interests befitting its vibrant and diverse culture.

  • From Dust Till Dawn - a Dust shop that also sells books, tools, and other related merchandise.
  • A Simple Wok - a streetside noodle stand
  • Tukson's Book Trade - a bookstore with a comprehensive selection
  • Crow Bar - a food and alcohol establishment with live TV access
  • Junior's Club - a dance club with nefarious ties
  • Clothing store - damaged during Grimm breach on Vale
  • Bakery - damaged during Grimm breach on Vale

The architecture of the commercial district appears to vary widely, possibly according to socioeconomic factors. While some areas appear to be surrounded by buildings with well-kept brick façades, holographic street lamps, pedestrian crossing and clear streets, other areas appear to be more low-income, such as those surrounding Junior's Club, which are characterized by metal, bare concrete and power-lines.


1115 The Stray 02783

Team RWBY at the docks

Vale contains a port in the commercial area of Vale that was first introduced in Episode 15, while Team RWBY was exploring the city.

The docks are fenced with metal railing, and, according to Ruby, smell distinctly like fish. Sailboats can be seen in the large body of water the docks border, and several large transport ships are known to ferry sizeable shipments to and from the port. Given that land is visible across the body of water, the port is likely to be at the edge of the main river estuary instead of the ocean.

A more industrial area of the docks is seen in Episode 16, where large cranes are used to unload heavy shipping containers from docked freighters.

Sun running on the docks

Sun running on the docks

As stated by Weiss, students from Vacuo would be arriving for the Vytal Festival on board a ship at the docks. Sun Wukong arrived as a stowaway one of these ships, when the Vale Police Force tried to apprehend him. A Dust shop in Vale is seen to be located in the vicinity. Considering this and the amount of people milling around, it is possible that the docks border the industrial and commercial districts.

In Episode 16, Sun and Blake Belladonna return to the docks a couple of days later in order to oversee the unloading of an incredibly large shipment of Dust coming in from Atlas, consisting of dozens of shipping containers. Whilst there, they interfere with a significant theft operation orchestrated by Roman Torchwick and his White Fang allies. Penny Polendina arrives with Ruby in the middle of the fight and brings down several Bullheads.


Torchwick outside warehouses

Outside view of warehouses.

A section of the industrial district contains warehouses, which are low-traffic enough to be a safe place for White Fang activity, as well as the location Torchwick hides all the stolen Dust.

In "Painting the Town...", a secret White Fang recruitment meeting is held in the warehouse. After Sun and Blake burst through a window and run, they are seen nearing buildings that look similar to houses, suggesting that the warehouse is near the residential area. During the chase sequence as Torchwick follows in the stolen Atlesian Paladin-290, they soon pass a road that is outside Junior's Club, suggesting instead that the warehouse is located closer to the commercial district. The presence of the river makes it unlikely for it to juxtaposition both districts.


Beacon AcademyEdit

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Episode2 00005

Beacon Academy and the tower

Beacon Academy, a training school for Huntsmen is founded in the city of Vale. The school's ongoing excellent reputation is a cultural asset to the city.

Vale's culture and importance are further enhanced by one of the four major CCT towers being erected on the academy's campus.

Mountain GlennEdit

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V2 09 00030

Grimm in Mountain Glenn

Mountain Glenn was an attempt at expanding Vale toward the southeast. It did not have the natural barriers of inner city Vale, but an aggressive perimeter defense was utilized. The people who lived there commuted to their jobs in the city through a subway system, which helped them stay safe from Grimm. Unfortunately, these methods only proved effective for only a short while and Mountain Glenn was destroyed by Grimm. The underground subway that leads to the commercial district of Vale was sealed off.

Criminal AtmosphereEdit

Backing away from Torchwick

Frightened citizens

At the beginning of Year One, the city of Vale saw an increase in crime at the hands of Roman Torchwick. He was recognizable on sight, causing citizens to freeze or back away when he openly walked down a street with henchman.

When Torchwick stepped up his thievery, under the orders of Cinder Fall, police presence in the city increased dramatically. As Roman himself put it: "I've got this town running scared. Police at every corner, Dust prices through the roof."


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V2 11 00065

Grimm arriving through the broken ground

Vale experienced a catastrophe when the sealed underground tunnel from Mountain Glenn was broken by a train, allowing several Grimm to breach into the city. Beacon Academy staff and students, with the help of the Atlesian military, efficiently stopped the Grimm, but not before the city experienced damage and people were hurt. Glynda Goodwitch was quickly able to set the damage to rights, but the people of Vale felt an increased uneasiness and fear.

The incident caused the governing council to change security measures for the Vytal Festival, placing James Ironwood of Atlas in charge and threatening Professor Ozpin. Roman Torchwick, who had been caught causing the breach into Vale, was put into custody.

Vytal FestivalEdit

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Vale Vytal Festival

The city in celebration

The city of Vale hosted the 40th Vytal Festival. The town decorated with banners and balloons the day exchange students first started arriving. According to Weiss Schnee, the city also hosted a parade as part of the festivities.

A section of Vale, part of the Beacon Academy grounds, was set up with tents for the festival's fair.

Battle of BeaconEdit

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V3 12 00189

Vale in the shadow of Beacon Academy's ruins

The city of Vale experienced another, more devastating, catastrophe during the finals round of the Vytal Festival Tournament. Facilitated by Cinder Fall, Grimm invaded the city, as well as the White Fang. Roman Torchwick escaped from imprisonment and reprogrammed all Atlesian Knight-200s and Atlesian Paladin-290s to attack people instead of Grimm, causing massive casualties.

Eventually the robots were stopped and Vale was secured, but a Grimm dragon, frozen atop the broken CCT tower, continues to attract more and more Grimm to the area. With the Academy lost, a Huntsmen base was set up in the city.


Law EnforcementEdit

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1115 The Stray 03733

Vale has its own police department, which has both uniformed and plain-clothes detective sections. Criminal mastermind Roman Torchwick was relatively high on its most wanted list before his death.

However, the capabilities of Vytal's criminal element, including super-criminals and the White Fang terrorist organization, sometimes outstrip the department's ability to counter them, forcing it to rely on the Huntsmen to deal with any of these extreme threats.


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V3 07 00119

The Vale News Network (VNN) seems to be a major source of news casting in the Vale Region, broadcasting to the people of Vale. Known newscasters include Lisa Lavender and Cyril Ian.