season 2 of hurt/heal is here after... less then a day of season 1 ending. so this time around, it will be the ships. all aboard!

just a rundown, a ship is a pairing of two characters (be it romantic or not). there hp will start at 20

the same rules as caves hurt/heal are here as well. they being posts ones per day, not double healing, no Anons unless we know them and the max hp is 50

for people wondering when the day change is, I post on the day change (or within a hr of it) unless something comes up, witch ill try and say if I have any heads up.

god this games going to take some time..... yay!

(note I got the ship names here, if you think theres a name that's wrong/ there's a better one, let me know)

also, thxs to Spirt, Hazel and Mini for helping out. if it wasn't for them the maths would be very wrong.... :D

also from Sprit:


you cant edit a post you have done from 0:00:00 - 1:00:00. if you stuff up a post, you have to live with it.

this is to make updating easier for me, spirt, hazel and mini

new season poll:!

Winner: Flower Power (Sloth) (Nora x Ren) with 22hp left


White Rose (Ruby X Weiss) ~ sunk 5/8/16 by Phantomlink959

Strawberry Sunrise (Ruby X Yang) ~ sunk 5/10/16 by DemonicsFire

Bumbleby (Bumblebee) (Blake x Yang) ~ sunk 5/11/16 by Gundam Legilis

Peter Cottontail (Port X Velvet) ~ sunk 5/11/16 by GreyStark

Tauradonna (Blake x Adam) ~ sunk 5/14/16 Lord Jaric

Arse (Lancaster) (Ruby x Jaune) ~ sunk 5/15/16 by Maki Kuronami

Fallen Petals ( Ruby X Cinder) ~ sunk 5/16/16 by Sentry 616

Rosewick (Ruby x Roman) ~ sunk 5/17 by ItsjustAvy

Eclipse (BlackSun) (Blake X Sun) ~ sunk 5/18/17 by Kuronami

Under the Schnee (Weiss x Neptune) ~ sunk 5/20/16 by SpiritedDreaming

Archester (Jaune x Cardin) ~ sunk 5/20/16 by Andrew S-997

Baked Alaska (Yang x Neo) ~ sunk 5/22/16 by Lord Jaric

OzGlyn (Ozpin x Glynda) ~ sunk 5/23/16 by Darkbone141

Amalgam (Yang x Mercury) ~ sunk 5/25/16 by Sentry 616

Arkos (Jaune x Pyrrha) ~ sunk 5/25/16 by Phantomlink959

Pyrolatry (Cardin x Cinder) ~ sunk 5/26/16 by SpiritedDreaming

Torchwitch (Roman x Glynda) ~ sunk 5/28/16 by Maki Kuronami

Firearms (Yang x Cinder) ~ sunk 5/29/16 by Lord Jaric

Ladybug (Ruby x Blake) ~sunk 5/31/16 by MiniDaggers

Firewall (Yang x Jaune) ~ sunk 6/2/16 by SpiritedDreaming

Sephora (Blake x Roman) sunk 6/2/16 by Gastropod

Weisscream (Weiss X Neo) sunk 6/2/16 by Darkbone141

Candy Cane (Nora x Roman) ~ sunk 6/3/16 by Maki Kuronami

Poisonous Rose (Ruby x Mercury) ~ sunk 5/5/16 by Darkbone141

Hellcat (Blake x Cinder) ~ sunk 5/5/16 by VedranTheII

Vanilla Custard (Jaune x Neo) ~ sunk 6/5/16 by Cyrania de Bergerac

White Knight (Weiss x Jaune) ~ sunk 6/6/16 by VedranTheII

Ironwick (Roman x Ironwood) ~ sunk 6/7/16 by Lord Jaric

Crosshares (Coco x Velvet) ~ sunk 6/8/16 by Maki Kuronami

Mechanical Bull (Penny x Adam) ~ sunk 6/8/16 VedranTheII

Checkmate (Weiss x Blake) ~ sunk 6/8/16 Thanatophobia0

Freezerburn (Weiss x Yang) ~ sunk 6/9/16 by Bajarias.josef

Smooth Criminal (Jaune x Roman) ~sunk 6/9/16 SpiritedDreaming

Maltese (Blake x Mercury) ~ sunk 6/10/16 by MiniDaggers

Sugar Rush (Ruby x Nora) ~ sunk 6/11/16 by Andrew S-997

Red Bull (Ruby x Adam) ~ sunk 6/12/16 by MiniDaggers

Monkey Business (Sun x Roman) ~ sunk 6/13/16 by VedranTheII

Frostbite (Weiss x Adam) ~ sunk 6/14/16 by Maki Kuronami

Torchfall (Cinder x Roman) ~ sunk 6/14/16 by MiniDaggers

Emberald (Cinder x Emerald) ~ sunk 6/17/16 by Cyrania de Bergerac

Glynder (Cinder x Glynda) ~ sunk 6/18/16 by Gastropod

Red Sea (Ruby x Neptune) ~ sunk 6/19/16 by Maki Kuronami

Acheron (Neptune x Roman) ~ sunk 6/20/16 by Ember Celica

Seabiscuit (Neptune x Glynda) ~ sunk 6/21/16 by Bajarias.josef

Pyrruby (Ruby x Pyrrha) ~ sunk 6/21/16 by Maki Kuronami

Nuts and Dolts (Ruby x Penny) sunk 6/23/16 by GreyStark

Hot Chocolate (Coco x Cinder) sunk 6/24/16 by GreyStark

Torchury (Roman x Mercury) ~ sunk 6/27/16 by MiniDaggers

Orange Sorbet (Fox x Neo) ~ sunk 6/27/16 by ItsjustAvy

Lotus Petals (Ruby x Ren) ~ sunk 6/28/16 by Gastropod

Mario Brothers (Oobleck x Port) ~ sunk 6/28/16 by Maki Kuronami

Topaz (Jaune x Emerald) ~ sunk 6/19/16 by VedranTheII

Roman Ice Cream (Roman x Neo) ~ sunk 6/30/16 by Lord Jaric

Purrha (Blake x Pyrrha) ~ sunk 7/1/16 by SomeoneYouUsedToKnow

Hot Shots (Yang x Coco) ~ sunk 7/2/16 by Gastropod

Gemstones (Ruby x Emerald) ~ sunk 7/2/16 by GreyStark

Energizer Bunny (Velvet x Penny) ~ sunk 7/4/16 by Lord Jaric

Black Magic (Blake x Glynda) ~ sunk 7/4/16 by ItsjustAvy

Strawbery Ice Cream (Ruby X Neo) ~ sunk 7/6/16 by MiniDaggers

Strut and Stumble (Jaune x Coco) ~ sunk 7/6/16 by Gastropod

Schneekos (Weiss x Pyrrha) ~ sunk 7/7/16 by Andrew S-997

Suns and Roses (Ruby x Sun) ~ sunk 7/8/16 by Ember Celica

The Sun Also Rises (Sun x Adam) ~ sunk 7/8/16 by MiniDaggers

Thermometer (Cinder x Mercury) ~ sunk 7/9/16 by SpiritedDreaming

Silver Bull (Mercury x Adam) ~ sunk 7/9/16 by Bajarias.josef

Hoodwitch (Ruby x Glynda) ~ sunk 7/10/16 by ItsjustAvy

Arctic Fox (Weiss x Fox) ~ sunk 7/10/16 by Maki Kuronami

Spicecream (Cinder x Neo) ~ sunk 7/11/16 by ItsjustAvy

Fried Rice (Faulconer) (Yang x Yatsuhashi) ~ sunk 7/13/16 by VedranTheII

Blackfyre (Cinder X Raven) ~ sunk 7/15/16 by MiniDaggers

Spicy Trickster (Sage x Fox) ~ sunk 7/15/16 by ItsjustAvy

Cold Hard Cash (Weiss x Penny) ~ sunk 7/16/16 by GreyStark

Bunboats (Velvet x Mercury) ~ sunk 7/16/16 by VedranTheII

Red Velvet (Ruby x Velvet) ~ sunk 7/17 by DemonicsFire

Paprika (Ruby x Sage) ~ sunk 7/17/16 by Maki Kuronami

Shades of Red (Ruby x Scarlet) ~ sunk 7/18/16 by ItsjustAvy

Pearls of Love (Neptune x Emerald) ~ sunk 7/18/16 by Gastropod

Sea Salt Ice Cream (Neptune x Neo) ~ sunk 7/19/16 byGreyStark

NeoMerc (Mercury x Neo) ~ sunk 7/19/16 Phantomlink959

Chocolate Rain (Neptune x Coco)~ sunk 7/10/27 by TheGoldenGolem

Yellow Mellow (Blake x Jaune) ~ sunk 7/10/27 by Phantomlink959

Gingersnaps (Nora x Penny) ~ sunk 7/21/16 by SpiritedDreaming

Bunanas (Sun x Velvet) ~ sunk 7/22/16 by VedranTheII

88 Days (Sun x Mercury) ~ sunk 7/22/16 GreyStark

Dairy Queen (Nora x Neo) ~ 7/23/16 by MiniDaggers

Seadragon (Yang x Neptune) ~ sunk 7/24/16 by Bajarias.josef

Spumone (Emerald x Neo) ~ sunk 7/25/16 by ItsjustAvy

Acid Rain (Neptune x Mercury) ~ sunk 7/25/16 by Phantomlink959

Banana Split (Sun x Neo) sunk 7/16/16 by Bajarias.josef

Snowflake in the rough (Weiss x Emerald) sunk 7/16/16 by Maki Kuronami

Greek Fire (Yang x Pyrrha) ~ sunk 7/27/16 by Maki Kuronami

Dustbunny (Weiss x Velvet) ~ sunk 7/29/16 by Maki Kuronami

Emercury (Mercury x Emerald) ~ sunk 7/30/16 by Maki Kuronami

Nikong (Pyrrha x Sun) ~ sunk 7/30/16 by ItsjustAvy

Cat Burglar (Blake x Emerald) ~ sunk 7/31/16 by VedranTheII

Valkos (Nora x Pyrrha) ~ sunk 8/1/16 by Maki Kuronami

Noah’s Arc (Jaune x Neptune) ~ sunk 8/1/16 by Zoeblo

Seamonkeys (Sun x Neptune) ~ sunk 8/3/16 by Surana

Scarlathena (Pyrrha x Velvet) ~ sunk 8/4/16 by MiniDaggers

Kickboxing (Yang x Melanie) ~ sunk 8/4/16 by ThatOneGuyFromNISLTsCommentSection

Just Right (Yang x Junior) ~ sunk 8/6/16 by Sentry 616

Stormy Seas (Nora x Neptune) ~ sunk 8/7/16 by Maki Kuronami

Black Velvet (Blake x Velvet) ~ sunk 8/7/16 by Gastropod

Shotbunning (Yang x Velvet) ~ sunk 8/8/16 by Maki Kuronami

Cocomotive (Coco x Penny) ~ sunk 8/9/16 by MiniDaggers

Cinnabun (Velvet x Yatsuhashi) ~ sunk 8/10/16 by Thanatophobia0

Double Bow (Blake x Penny) ~ sunk 8/10/16 by Surana

Cherry Tree (Scarlet x Sage) ~ 8/10/16 by VedranTheII

Pepper (Blake x Sage) ~ sunk 8/11/16 by Andrew S-997

Optimus Primal (Sun x Penny) ~ sunk 8/12/16 by SpiritedDreaming

Boxing (Yang x Miltiades) ~ sunk 8/12/16 by Gastropod

Black Bear (Blake x Junior) ~ sunk 8/13/16 by Lord Jaric

Wise Dragon (Yang x Sage) ~ sunk 8/14/16 by Lord Jaric

Ninjas of Love (Blake x Ren) ~ sunk 8/15/16 by Gastropod

Thundercat (Blake x Nora) ~ sunk 8/16/16 by Lord Jaric

Cookie Crisp (Coco x Fox) ~ sunk 8/17/16 by Lord Jaric

Solar Flare (Yang x Sun) sunk 8/18/16 by Maki Kuronami

Arctic Monkey (Weiss x Sun) ~ sunk 8/20/16 by DemonicsFire

White Chocolate (Weiss x Coco) ~ sunk 8/20/16 by Phantomlink959

Seaweed (Sage x Neptune) ~ sunk 8/21/16 by Lord Jaric

Sunflowyr (Yang x Ren) ~ sunk 8/22/16 by MiniDaggers

Chocolate Thunder sunk 8/22/16 by Maki Kuronami

Nora’s Arc (Jaune x Nora 8/22/16 by VedranTheII

Seasoned Thief (Sun x Sage)sunk 8/24/16 by MiniDaggers

Team Collateral Damage (Yang x Nora) ~ sunk 8/24/16 by Maki Kuronami

Cheat and Steal (Jaune x Sun) ~ sunk 8/14/16 by ItsjustAvy

Lie and Steal (Ren x Sun) ~ sunk 8/14/16 by SpiritedDreaming

Lie and Cheat (Jaune x Ren) ~ sunk 8/14/16 by Maki Kuronami