Volume 4

The Next Step

If I were you, I'd hunt her down. Find her and, well, she took your eye, didn't she?
—Tyrian, to Cinder Fall, about Ruby Rose
Eye for an eye.
—Tyrian, to Cinder, after the meeting


Excuse me. I was hoping you could... help me find someone.
—Tyrian, to the Higanbana Waitress

Tipping Point

The rose has thorns!
—Tyrian, to Ruby


Why, friend, my name is Tyrian. And I'm afraid that is not possible. My assignment from Her Grace was to retrieve this young girl. So, that is what I must do. One does not upset the Queen.
—Tyrian, to Qrow Branwen
You bitch!
—Tyrian, to Ruby after his tail is cut off
She'll forgive you.
—Tyrian, to himself about Salem

Taking Control

But-but hope is not lost! My tail, my stinger... I-I poisoned him, Qrow! He would not be a nuisance to you any longer, no... no longer! Have I done well? Have I pleased you?
—Tyrian, to Salem

About Tyrian

I don't know, this guy's weird.
—Ruby, to Qrow
Minor Characters