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Events Before Current TimelineEdit

Time Description Image
Beginning an unknown time ago A Great War between the Kingdoms occurs.[1] No Image Available
Roughly 80 Years ago Great war ends No Image Available
Unknown Time after Great War A War begins between Faunus and Humanity.[2] No Image Available
Three years into the Faunus War The Faunus victory at The Battle of Fort Castle marks a turning point in the conflict.[2] No Image Available
Unknown Time after beginning of the Faunus War Conclusion of the conflict with the victorious Faunus gaining the right to live outside Menagerie.[2] Weapons
Following the Faunus War The White Fang is founded as a group seeking to foster good relations between Humanity and the Faunus.[3] White Fang other logo
Some time before the start of current events Taiyang Xiao Long's wife leaves him with a young daughter and disappears.[4] No Image Available
About 13–14 years prior to current events Summer Rose dies on a mission.[4] CliffsideAltarImage
5 years before the start of current events A change in leadership occurs within the White Fang, marking their shift to organized violence.[3] WhiteFang
Unknown time before the start of current events Blake Belladonna and Adam Taurus raid a train operated by the Schnee Dust Company. 1003 Black Trailer 2484
Blake leaves the White Fang. Train separate
Yang Xiao Long visits The Club looking for information. Yang2

Present DayEdit

Arriving at BeaconEdit

Time Description Image
Day 1, Night Roman Torchwick robs From Dust Till Dawn. Episode1 00007
Ruby Rose and Glynda Goodwitch fight off Roman and Cinder Fall, who are forced to retreat. Episode1 00050
Professor Ozpin invites Ruby to become a student at Beacon Academy. Episode1 00056
Day 2, Day - Outside Beacon Academy Ruby, Yang Xiao Long and Jaune Arc arrive at Beacon. Beacon cliff
Ruby has a not-so-friendly introduction with Weiss Schnee and Blake. Episode2 00030
Ruby meets Jaune. Episode2 00034
Day 2 - Inside Beacon Assembly Hall Professor Ozpin gives a less-than-inspiring welcome speech. Episode3 00038
Day 2, Night - In Beacon Academy Ballroom Ruby and Yang formally introduce themselves to Blake. Episode3 00023

Beacon Academy InitiationEdit

Time Description Image
Day 3 - On the Beacon Cliffs All students prepare to start the Beacon Academy Initiation. RWBY4 008538
Day 3 - In the Emerald Forest After being launched into the forest, everyone rushes to find a partner. Ruby and Weiss partner up. WeissE52
Pyrrha Nikos pairs up with Jaune. PandJE51
Yang pairs up with Blake. Yang meets blake
Ruby and Weiss fight a pack of Beowolves. Ruby and Weiss Surrounded
Lie Ren pairs up with Nora Valkyrie after defeating a King Taijitu. Boop
Pyrrha and Jaune encounter a Death Stalker. Grimm Scorpian
Day 3, Day- At The Abandoned Temple Blake and Yang get their relic. How about a pony
Ruby and Jaune fall towards the temple. Ep8 00004
Nora rides in on an Ursa with Ren following. Ep8 00011
Pyrrha arrives at the temple with the Death Stalker in pursuit. Ep8 00017
Weiss falls down to the temple from a Nevermore. Ep8 00027
Weiss saves Ruby from the Death Stalker and the two of them agree to work together. Ep8 00035
Ruby and Jaune get their relics. Ep8 00039
The eight students run to escape the Nevermore and Death Stalker. Teams together
Team JNPR defeats the Death Stalker. Wack a Scorpion
Team RWBY defeats the Nevermore. Ep8 00063
Day 3, Night - Inside Beacon Assembly Hall Team CRDL is formed with Cardin Winchester as team leader. Ep8 00065
Team JNPR is officially formed and Jaune confirmed as leader. Ep8 00068
Team RWBY is officially formed and Ruby confirmed as leader. Ep8 00071
Day 3, Night - Roman's hideout Roman is going over his plans when he receives a shipment of dust. Ep8 00074

Start of classesEdit

Time Description Image
Day 4, Morning Team RWBY set up their dorm room. Home made Bunk Beds!
Day 4- In Grimm Studies class Weiss defeats a Boarbatusk in Peter Port's class. 10 00023
Day 4, Dusk - Outside of class Weiss objects to Ruby being leader, saying she is not acting like one. 10 00025
Ozpin tells Ruby about the burden of being leader and acting the part. Oz pep talk
Port tells Weiss to accept her position and become the best person she can. Ah, miss shu-knee
Day 4, Night - Team RWBY dorm room Weiss reconciles with Ruby. 10 00035

Several weeks laterEdit

Time Description Image
Day ???- Inside Beacon Assembly Hall Jaune loses a practice match against Cardin. Aura results
Day ???- The Lunch Hall Ruby and Pyrrha express concern about Cardin bullying Jaune. Jaune leaves
Day ??? - Lecture Hall Doctor Bartholomew Oobleck gives a lesson on the The Faunus War. Oobleck
Jaune and Cardin are assigned extra work for falling behind in class. Report
Day ???, Night - Beacon rooftop Jaune confesses to Pyrrha that he lied his way into Beacon. RWBY12 008495
Cardin reveals he heard Jaune's confession and blackmails him. RWBY12 011495

Trip to Forever FallEdit

Time Description Image
The Day Before - Night, Dormitory Pyrrha, Nora, and Ren talk about Jaune's absence in Team JNPR dorm. 13 00002
Ruby finds Jaune outside his Dorm and talks with him about his role as the leader. 13 00005
Jaune gets a message from Cardin on his scroll. 13 00006
Day of the field trip - Midday, Forever Fall Glynda takes teams on a school trip to the Forever Fall Forest to fill jars of red sap. Forever Fall
Cardin absconds with Jaune, carrying a box, to fill 6 jars with sap. He ain't happy
Cardin threatens Jaune to throw one of the jars at Pyrrha so Cardin can unleash the box of rapier wasps upon her for revenge. No
Jaune refuses Cardin's demands, and throws the jar at him. RWBY13 009376
CRDL is beating up Jaune when they are attacked by an Ursa Major. 14 00012
Jaune defeats the Ursa Major, unwittingly assisted by Pyrrha. 14 00028
Day of the field trip - Night, Beacon Academy Pyrrha begins training Jaune to fight. 14 00043

Leadup to the Vytal FestivalEdit

Time Description Image
Day 1- Day, city of Vale Preparations begin for the Vytal Festival. The Stray 00002
Team RWBY encounters the aftermath of a Dust store robbery. The Stray 00006
Team RWBY encounters Sun Wukong. The Stray 00015
Team RWBY encounters Penny, Blake and Weiss begin to argue. The Stray 00023
Day 1 - Night, Team RWBY's dorm Blake and Weiss argue, Blake runs away upon letting slip her prior involvement in the White Fang. The Stray 00031
Day 1 - Night, outside of Beacon Blake removes her bow, revealing that she is a Faunus. The Stray 00032
Day 3 - In a coffee Shop Blake tells Sun about her history with the White Fang. Kitty Blake
Day 3 - In the city of Vale Ruby, Weiss, and Yang search for Blake with Penny assisting. Team RWPY
Day 3 - Night, in a Harbor Blake and Sun confront Roman and White Fang members. Blakevsroman
Ruby and Penny come to aid Blake and Sun. I'm Combat Ready!
After the fight, Blake and Weiss reconcile, while Penny is whisked away. Team RWBYS
Day 3 - Night, Beacon Academy Ozpin receives a message from Qrow saying "Queen has pawns." 1116 Black and White 21956
Day ??? - Night, in a warehouse Cinder Fall and her two associates, Emerald Sustrai and Mercury Black, confront Roman about his future plans. Cinderandco


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