Red like Roses Part 2

  • Can we discuss about the meaning of the song in episode 8?

    The lyrics are like the feelings of a girl (Ruby) who lost someone who meant everthing for her, someone she admired and loved deeply, probably her mother. If it was her mother, I believe she was a legendary huntress who died trying to protect Ruby when she was young and after being left alone, she was found by Yang's family and adopted. The thing about the silver eyes that Ozpin mentioned may be a hint that Ozpin met Ruby's mother back when she was alive and has great hopes for her child who inherited her mother's eyes so he decided to send her to beacon. Also, the fact that the ghost in front of Ruby at the intro looks exactly like her but with a white coat supports my theory.

    What do you guys think?

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    • I definitely think the song supports white cloak being Ruby's mother.

      With the lyrics:

      "Red like roses
      Fills my head with dreams and finds me"

      We might also be able to assume that the Red trailer was just a dream.

      I can't wait to see everything play out in the show.

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