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    Ok, I think Emerald's semblance has something to do with illusion because when she's fighting Coco during the tournament, Coco thought she saw her partner in the forest with her, but he was just defeated by Mercury.

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    • This Tumblr post, shared by Chishio on the spoilers thread, sums it up quite nicely.

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    • I knew it I was on the right track! Just wished I noticed it first TTT. TTT But, still I have to admit, the tumblr post had more details and evidence than this

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    • I'm still not convinced. All we know for certain is that Neo's semblance is illusions. I would hope the writers wouldn't double down on that. Give her something unique.

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    • Well, the only reason I said illusions is because of the hints you can notice in the show of what could be Emerald's semblance.

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    • If Emerald's semblence is some kind of illusion, then it explains the end of this weeks episode

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    • Current theory of mine is Emerald can make one person see things where as Neo puts up a almost glass like construct that all can see.

      Emerald gets in your head and makes you see things. Neo makes things.

      Thus Neo can change her appearance while Emerald can have Yang react to an attack that did not happen in front of an arena of people and cameras that only saw her attack Mercury.

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    • Neo appears to make a solid tangible construct that can be interacted with.

      Emerald appears to alter people's perceptions. Probably like the Mastermind sisters style.

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    • One popular theory goes that Emerald is the perception - alterer while Neo actually has a semblance relative to time distortion; This explains how she managed to get herself and Roman away from team RWBY after the battle on the highway, and when she teleports away from Raven on the train. She can slow down her own timeline; enabling herself to move while others can't see her (Something she can obviously grant other people i.e Roman, possibly through touch). The After images she's known for are a secondary effect of the time distortion - She can leave a mirage whenever she activates her semblance.

      This is the glass wall that Yang punched last season, and is also demonstrated right before she fights Yang on the train, leaving an illusiojn of herself that Yang tries to attack which drops the moment Yang makes contact with it; Where it appears Neo took the attack she actually evaded it and jabbed Yang with her umbrella. When she teleports away from Raven, the result is visibally instantaneous, as there is no need for her to leave an afterimage as she doesn't need to distract; only escape.

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    • ...that's not how interacting with time to speed up would work at all, as evidenced by Weiss doing that exact thing with her time dilation.

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    • Master Moridin wrote:
      ...that's not how interacting with time to speed up would work at all, as evidenced by Weiss doing that exact thing with her time dilation.

      Weiss time dilation works on her ability to perceive time, it doesn't actually affect time itself at all. This is the actual definition of real world time dilation - The ability to perceive time passing slower (Usually because your own clock is ticking faster). When Weiss uses time dilation, she sees in Slow motion, so she is able to attack with more speed and precision (Demonstrated by both her and blake each time they use it).

      I'm suggesting that Neo can actually alter time; she can visibly take two actions at the same time by doing one of them ahead of time. The first action is left as a mirage to those who can see her, with Neo being able to take secondary action while her foe is distracted with whatever she was doing. Obviously this is on a very small scale, and she is only capable of disrupting the flow of time rather than switcing between timelines and traversing year gaps.

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    • ...The whole point of the Haste (time dilation) ability is you move faster.  There is literally no difference between you moving faster and perceiving the world moving slower.

      ...And that is just overly complicated.  Occam's Razor would suggest she's just putting up a false image, not doing two actions at the same time by...doing one ahead of time.

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    • Well then how does she teleport? Based on what we've seen I think it just makes some sense. We've seen temporal distortion done very similarly in Red vs Blue and I don't think its outside the realm of possibility considering how much RT loves to fuck with time.

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    • Answer:  She doesn't teleport.  She throws up illusion to make it look like she did.

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    • Truth be told all we can really do is speculate; but to me that seems pretty different from what we've already seen her do. Why would she create a huge glass wall-type illusion if she can use her powers to just straight up vanish?

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    • Chishio actually got a frame by frame series of pictures from that scene, and there is still an afterimage of Neo when the flash disappears. This means that either Neo was still in the car affter the flash had gone by, and she just finished disappearing afterwards, or she jumped back, threw done a flashbomb and activated the illusion, and slipped out the side door while no one could see.

      This is why there was a flash when there was none last time she disappeared; she threw a flashbomb down to cover the side door opening. This is why there was still an image of her after the flash went by; the illusion of her hovering in midair hadn't worn off.

      If Chish could get thse pictures to show what I'm talking about it would be great. Please? :)

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    • I called it all my friends kept saying "Neo is the one making illusions." but I was right it was Emerald's semblance all along!

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    • I like the theory that Neo's semblance is essentially light refraction constructs.  Also, I'm under the impression that what the audience saw (and what any recording device would see) was the illusion, and that the reality was the act of self-defense.  Neo puts up a construct around Yang and Mercury, as another suggested here, which plays the maiming scene.  Inside, Mercury goes for one more attack and Yang counters.  Emerald's only role was to prevent the medics from seeing the metal leg.

      They're already thinking that Coco and Yang suffered some sort of battle stress resulting in their "hallucinations".  Having Yang NOT be affected by Emerald would further sell that conclusion, and would discredit any testimony Coco and Team CFVY might bring.  Can't detect anything wrong with Yang if there's nothng to detect, and they can't find a common element between Coco and Yang if there was never one to begin with.

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    • i think her semblance has one big weakness, the target has to be in her line of sight, so if you can keep her eyes covered or blind her she can't use her semblance thus with Yang and Pyrrah's situation would be null and void and if you uncovered her eyes after said moment passed there realy isn't much she can do after words

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    • I figured it out. In the episode Fall (I think) I know when she used her ability the second time. When in the airship taking mercury to the "hospital" she mentions a stretch for using her ability too much (Headache). She caused the paramedic to see Mercurys leg as both flesh(not robotic) and near if not entirely dismembered (mostly held together by his pant leg). I added the dismembered part because that was counted as a sin in one of the Everything Wrong with series on you tube. I know its minor, but I found no one else to mention this and even question what she was saying in reviews because they didn't notice. My proof is in the scene when the medic looks up close to mercury's leg and we can see red (blood), which we know later he is unharmed and therefore that is Emeralds semblance in use. Sean Briscoe 12/30/26

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    • wrote:
      I added the dismembered part because that was counted as a sin in one of the Everything Wrong with series on you tube.

      1) Necropost, last post was 11 months ago.

      2) I wouldn't take anything an EWW video says too seriously, since they are meant to be a satire.

      3) The topic's main question: Emerald's Semblance, has been long answered: It's mental hallucinations. She makes people sense what is not there. Of course, someone at RT messed up at some point and confused Hallucination with Ilusions (making the medics see Mercury's legs as fleshy instead of metal, that's not how Hallucinations work).

      This thread has no reason to remain open.

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