Shion was a village on the continent of Anima. It was neighbored by another village, though they have not been in regular contact since the fall of Beacon Tower and the collapse of the Cross Continental Transmit System.

The town included at least one hiking trail and was a camping destination spot, particularly for Jaune Arc's family.

Team RNJR planned to stop over in Shion village on their way to Haven Academy, hoping to make use of the airship the village had operational.

Upon arriving there in '"Remembrance", RNJR found the village to be destroyed along with the airship. They encountered a mortally wounded Huntsman. He lived long enough to inform them that the village was overrun by a tribe of bandits; the resulting panic caused Grimm to arrive, killing the entire village.

It is revealed in "Family" that the attack on Shion was led by Raven Branwen.

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Shion village symbol

The symbol of Shion village


  • "Shion" is the Romanized spelling of the Japanese word for the Aster tataricus flower. In Japanese floriography, the meaning behind this flower is "I won't forget you" or "Remembrance".
  • In "Kuroyuri", a flag of Shion village was found at a cave by Lie Ren. On the flag was the Aster tataricus flower, the symbol of the village.