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Nora with Shi-nee (Detail)

Close-up of Shi-nee Toothpaste tube


Shi-nee toothpaste falling from Blake's bag

Shi-nee Toothpaste is a consumer product available in Remnant.

Manufacturer and IngredientsEdit

This product was first seen in "The First Step", when Nora Valkyrie was seen holding a tube in one of the washrooms at Beacon Academy.

The tube has the logo of the Schnee Dust Company at the end of the label, though it is not clear what association the SDC has with the product.


  • Given Monty Oum's appreciation for Korean pop bands, the name may be a reference to SHINee, a South Korean contemporary R&B boy group.
  • The style of the label on the toothpaste tube mimics that of real-world toothpaste brand Crest.

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