Seers[1] are a small jellyfish-like Grimm that can float in the air.


Seers have small, spherical bodies covered with bone-like plates, red tentacles and a single eye.


A Seer appears in "Of Runaways and Stowaways" entering Salem's meeting hall and informing her of the current situation at Beacon. Salem instructs it to reinforce the academy's Grimm population.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Seer can float in the air and appears to be able to keep tabs on the other Grimm and, through them, acts as a scout for Salem. It also has 360 degree vision with distorted colors that is shown as a fishbowl effect when seen from its perspective.

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  • A seer is someone with supernatural insight and who can see the future. The Seer Grimm serves as Salem's eyes over the other Grimm.
  • The clicking sound the seer makes was originally done as an audition by William Orendorff during Volume 1 for the Death Stalker.[2]


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