A Sea Dragon (unofficial), also known as the Grimm Sea Dragon, is a large serpent-like dragon that lives in the ocean.


A Sea Dragon has an enormous serpentine body with large red wings, short arms with claws, a bone scaled underbelly, and a spiked spine. It has black skin and a large external skull, as well as red glowing gills on each side of its neck.


A Sea Dragon is first seen in "Of Runaways and Stowaways", attacking a sea ship heading for Menagerie that Blake Belladonna and Sun Wukong are aboard. The Sea Dragon's appearance takes the crew by surprise as they have never seen such a large Grimm. The crew prepares the ship's guns as Blake tries to take on the Grimm herself, with Sun quickly joining. Despite its size, the Sea Dragon is quick and agile, dodging the guns of the ship. The shots that do manage to connect are withstood by its durable body.

Through their combined efforts, Blake and Sun are able to injure one of its wings, reducing its mobility, and keep the Grimm's attention long enough for the crew to ram their ship into it and fire their large gun, directly at the Grimm's head, killing it.

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A Sea Dragon is capable of living in ocean waters. It possesses a pair of large wings that it normally hides in the large fin on its back; when deployed, these wings allow it to fly. If it suffers damage to one wing, it can still fly at reduced altitude. It possesses enough strength to shatter large rock formations while flying.

Despite its enormous size, it is quick and agile, which assists it in evading damage. Its main body is durable enough to withstand most efforts to damage it without noticeable injury, such as from the blade and gun of Gambol Shroud, and the broadside guns of sea vessels, though a single direct hit from a ship's heavy gun can instantly destroy large swaths of its body. The membrane of its wings however does not share the hardiness of the main body, and can be torn using a bladed weapon. It mainly attacks by firing bolts of lightning through its mouth.

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