The ability to derive strength from hope is undoubtedly mankind's greatest attribute... which is why I will focus all my power... to snuff it out.


Salem is an individual of unknown origins, and virtually nothing is known of her past. She is highly knowledgeable in the history of Remnant and has an encyclopedic knowledge of many of the elements, beings and societies that exist within the world. It is not known when or why Salem embarked on her goal to gather the Relics and weaken humanity, but at some stage she fell into opposition with Ozpin, who aligned himself with the humans and placed his faith in them.


In "Ruby Rose", Salem narrates the early of history of humanity, born from dust. She tells of their struggles against the Creatures of Grimm, their discovery of nature's wrath, Dust, and the beginnings of civilization in the absence of the shadow of the Grimm. While Salem maintains that strength would not bring victory, Ozpin counters by saying victory lies within simpler things that require "a smaller, more honest soul."

After the fall of Beacon Academy and the death and destruction wrought upon Vale, their conversation is continued in "End of the Beginning". Salem declares that Beacon's fate is merely the first step in her plan to divide humanity, and thus snuff out all hope for their survival. She threatens to destroy everything Ozpin has built, and challenges him to send in his Guardians, believing they will fail as will his "simple soul".

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After the Fall of BeaconEdit

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Salem, adjourning the meeting

After the fall of Beacon, Salem holds a meeting with her subordinates in her lair. She orders Arthur Watts to meet with an informant in Mistral; Hazel Rainart to meet with the White Fang leader, Sienna Khan and Tyrian Callows to hunt down Ruby Rose whilst Cinder Fall stays at her side for treatment. She claims Haven Academy will be the next to fall.

Salem remains in her lair with Cinder as she receives her treatment. Salem tells Cinder "it" can sense her fear. She tells Cinder to make it fear her instead. A Seer floats into the meeting room and gives a message to Salem. Salem turns to Cinder and adamantly asks Cinder for a final answer reporting on whether she killed Ozpin or not. When Cinder turns to Emerald to speak on her behalf, Salem slams the table and orders Cinder to say it herself. Cinder reaffirms Ozpin's death. Salem orders the Grimm to reinforce their numbers at Beacon Academy, stating "The relic is there." She mutters to herself, "What are you planning?"

Salem then puts Cinder through intense training to control her powers, but is angry when she sees that the new Fall Maiden is having great difficulty. When Tyrian appears and reluctantly reports his failure in capturing Ruby, Salem tells him that he disappointed her and leaves the room.

Sometime later, Salem watches and smiles as Cinder masters her power.

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