Salem has stated that she wishes to snuff out the hope of humanity. However, she possesses a healthy respect for their resourcefulness and ingenuity, and knows that humans are able to derive strength from hope.

However, by dividing them and snuffing out their source of hope, she believes that she can rob humanity of their strength.

Ozpin's GroupEdit

Ozpin's group, consisting of at least Ozpin, Qrow Branwen, Glynda Goodwitch, and James Ironwood are all aware of Salem's existence and that she is a threat to all of Remnant.

Cinder's FactionEdit

Cinder's Faction is working under Salem. Emerald and Mercury are brought with Cinder back to Salem after her injury, while Roman Torchwick referred to being employed by people he couldn't stop.

Ozpin's GroupEdit


Salem has a mysterious link with her enemy, Ozpin. They have apparently been locked in a struggle over the fate of the world for a long time, with Salem seeking to obtain the Relics and Ozpin and his allies defending them.

However, she is heard calmly and respectfully conversing with Ozpin in the episode "Ruby Rose". Ultimately, however, in "End of the Beginning", Salem affirms that she intends to watch Ozpin burn, but only after she destroys everything he has built.

Judging from comments made by Cinder Fall during the events of "Heroes and Monsters", Salem deems Ozpin exceedingly arrogant. In every aspect of their conflict over the Relics, Salem appears to hold a great deal of contempt towards the man. Given that their conflict is thousands of years old, her enmity for him has been given a great deal of time to ferment into a festering hate for Ozpin.

Qrow BranwenEdit

Qrow has personally seen some of Salem's creations and stated that "they are fear". He's aware of Salem's interest in obtaining a "relic" that was in Ozpin's possession and that she does not yet have it.

Salem's FactionEdit

Cinder FallEdit

Salem holds Cinder in high regard due to her Fall Maiden status, her success with destroying Beacon Academy, and her understanding that Cinder killed Ozpin. Salem does however refer to her as "young Cinder," which adds a note of condescension in their relationship.

While treating Cinder in "Of Runaways and Stowaways", Salem asks her if she really killed Ozpin. She forces Cinder to speak for herself without relying on Emerald's assistance. Whether or not she believed Cinder is uncertain, but she did order more reinforcement at Beacon directly after.

Salem puts Cinder through harsh training soon afterward, reminding her of her desires for power. In "No Safe Haven", Salem is pleased when Cinder displays mastery over the Maiden's power.

Arthur WattsEdit

Salem appears to find Watts to be a rather competent subordinate, leaving the complex and highly specialized task of replacing Tyrian's tail to him. However, despite her trust in him for such complex medical feats, she does find his commentary regarding Cinder's injuries at the hands of Ruby Rose to be less than charming and rather counterproductive to their agenda, showing that her respect for his talents and tolerance for his less savory behavior has its limits.

Tyrian CallowsEdit

Salem trusts Tyrian enough to have him hunt Maidens and Ruby Rose.

In "Taking Control", she is very disappointed by Tyrian after he failed to capture Ruby. In "Dread in the Air", she request Watts to have a new tail made for Tyrian following his loss to Ruby Rose. Before Cinder leaves, Salem asks her to bring Tyrian and she want to have a word with him.

Hazel RainartEdit

As one of Salem's lieutenants and her current liaison with the White Fang's Adam Taurus, Salem trusts Hazel to handle matters with the extremist faction.

Leonardo LionheartEdit

Leonardo is Salem's informant in Mistral. Salem uses his fear of her to control him and intimidates him if he oversteps certain boundaries.

Team RWBYEdit

Ruby RoseEdit

Although neither have met, Salem is aware that Ruby and her abilities are a threat to her agenda, and is therefore planning to eliminate this problem. At the end of "End of the Beginning" Salem refers to Ruby as a "smaller soul", referencing Ozpin's words from "Ruby Rose".

When Cinder inquires about Ruby in "The Next Step", Salem reassigns Tyrian from going after the Spring Maiden to capturing Ruby and bringing her there. She expresses disappointment in Tyrian after his failure in carrying out the task.

White FangEdit

Adam TaurusEdit

Salem is grateful for Adam's loyalty to her cause and entrusts him with ensuring the White Fang's cooperation. It is unclear if Adam is aware of her existence.

Sienna KhanEdit

Salem has expressed interest in recruiting the leader of the White Fang and sent Hazel to a meeting with Khan set up by Adam.


Raven BranwenEdit

Raven is aware of Salem's existence and seeks to protect her tribe from her. Raven is intuitive enough about Salem's goals and methods to have predicted Beacon's fall and Ozpin's failure. She knows that Salem wants the relic left behind and is concerned enough about her having it to seek information from Qrow. Upon learning that Raven has the Spring Maiden, Salem sends her subordinates to convince the bandit leader that she needs to cooperate for the survival of her people.

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