...the coolest team to ever graduate Beacon.
—Qrow, on Team STRQ

STRQ (pronounced "Stark") was a team comprised of Summer Rose, Taiyang Xiao Long, Raven Branwen and Qrow Branwen.

The team graduated from Beacon Academy before the start of the series. Qrow reveals that they were rather well known during their time at Beacon, meaning they likely had similar reputations and accomplishments to the team which their children became part of, Team RWBY.


Summer Thumb
Summer †
Summer Rose was formerly a member and the leader of Team STRQ.
Taiyang Vol 4 Thumb 2
Taiyang Xiao Long was formerly a member of Team STRQ.
Raven Vol 4 Thumb
Raven Branwen was formerly a member of Team STRQ.
Qrow Vol 4 Thumb 2
Qrow Branwen was formerly a member of Team STRQ.


After Team STRQ first formed, Taiyang and at least one other member, likely Summer by process of elimination, played a prank on Qrow. He had never seen a school uniform before, so they told him that the girl's uniform skirt was actually a kilt. When Qrow appeared in class, then-Teacher's Assistant Peter Port had to leave and privately laugh. Later, Qrow had to publicly work on his landing strategy while wearing the skirt, a memory Taiyang would find hilarious for years. Taiyang also claims that this prank did Qrow a favor as it helped him catch the positive attention of girls in the school.

In "Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back" Taiyang tells Yang Xiao Long that Raven had unspecified faults that tore Team STRQ apart.


  • Following the Color Naming Rule, the team name is intended to bring to mind the phrase "stark white".
  • All of the members of STRQ are related to Ruby Rose and/or Yang Xiao Long:
    • Summer Rose is Ruby's mother and Yang's step-mother.
    • Taiyang is their father.
    • Raven is Yang's mother.
    • Qrow is Yang's uncle by blood and Ruby's honorary uncle.
  • They share a similar color theme to Team RWBY:
    • Red for Raven and Ruby.
    • White for Summer and Weiss.
    • Black for Qrow and Blake.
    • Yellow for Taiyang and Yang.
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