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Rooster Teeth
The Rooster Teeth logo, featuring the Rooster and a set of Chattering Teeth.
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The team in charge of RWBY
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Founded on April 1, 2003[1] by Burnie Burns, Matt Hullum, Geoff Ramsey, and Gus Sorola, Rooster Teeth Productions[2] is a production company based in Austin, Texas. Primarily known for their flagship series, Red vs. Blue[3], Rooster Teeth and its daughter website, Achievement Hunter, produces a variety of machinima, live-action videos, Let's Plays, and in-game shorts.

On November 6th, 2012, Rooster Teeth released the first trailer for RWBY after the credits of Season 10 Red vs. Blue. RWBY is Rooster Teeth's first series that is purely animated, with no video game or live action component. The first episode premiered at RTX on July 5th, 2013[4], while the public release was scheduled on July 18th, two weeks after the premiere at RTX[5].

Recently, Rooster Teeth celebrated its 10th birthday, creating a "10 Year Retrospective" video which spawned numerous spinoffs by fans.

RTX RWBY PanelEdit

RTX 2013 Panel RWBY-0(54:34)
The Full Panel
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RTX 2013 RWBY Panel(02:22)
The Preview
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