Volume 1

Ruby Rose

Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a Dust shop open this late.
—Roman, talking to the From Dust Till Dawn cashier
Calm down, we're not here for your money... Grab the Dust.
—Roman, assuring the From Dust Till Dawn cashier and commanding his henchmen
Okay.....get her.
—Roman, commanding his henchmen
You were worth every cent. Truly, you were.
—Roman, standing over the body of his fallen henchman
Well, "Red", I think we can all say it's been an eventful evening. And as much as I'd love to stick around, I'm afraid this is where we part ways...
—Roman, to Ruby Rose
—Roman, running from Ruby Rose
End of the line, Red.
—Roman, to Ruby Rose
We've got a Huntress.
—Roman, to Cinder Fall

Players and Pieces

We're gonna need more men.
—Roman, to his White Fang henchman

Black and White

Oh, kid, didn't you get the memo? The White Fang and I are going in on a joint business venture together!
—Roman, to Blake Belladonna
I wouldn't exactly call it a 'little' operation.
—Roman, in response to Blake, as more ships come
You are not the brightest banana in the bunch, are ya kid?
—Roman, to Sun Wukong
Why hello Red! Isn't it past your bedtime?
—Roman, to Ruby
These kids just keep getting weirder.
—Roman, commenting on the kids he just fought

Volume 2

Best Day Ever

Oh, look! She sent the kids again! This is turning out just like the divorce.
—Roman, making a comment towards Mercury Black and Emerald Sustrai
Look around, kid, I've got this town running scared. Police camping out at every corner, Dust prices through the roof and we're sitting pretty in an old warehouse with more Dust crystals, vials and rounds than we know what to do with.
—Roman to Mercury, on his contribution to Cinder's plan

Painting the Town...

Now, I'll be the first to admit, humans... are the worst. Case in point.
—Roman, gesturing to himself
But, before the claws come out, I'd like to mention the fact that you and I all have a common enemy: the ones in control; the people pulling the strings; the dirty, rotten humans that run our kingdoms! Government; military; even the schools: they're all to blame for your lot in life! And they're all pests that need to be dealt with! Fortunately, I'm the best exterminator around... No offense to any rodents in the room.
—Roman, speaking in White Fang Faction Meeting
Just got this thing cleaned...
—Roman, after the Atlesian Paladin-290's destruction
Ladies, Ice Queen, Always a pleasure!
—Roman, to team RWBY.

Mountain Glenn

Is it good or bad, Perry? Because let me tell ya, I have had a day... That would be bad.
—Roman, on finding Ruby

No Brakes

Hello, kitty cat. You miss me? You know, we really gotta stop meeting like this. People are gonna talk...
—Roman, to Blake on the train


I know this might be hard to believe, General, but uh... I'm not the biggest fan of local law enforcement.
—Roman, to James Ironwood

Volume 3

Beginning of the End

Well, hello, gorgeous.
—Roman, upon meeting Cinder


Oh, it is good to be back!
—Roman, after destroying two Atlesian Airships after being freed from his cell

Battle of Beacon

Hmm, let's see, what does this button do? Oh, fun!
—Roman, causing havoc at the controls of his stolen airship
Now this one... This one's going to be fun.
—Roman, after he gets the infected Scroll

Heroes and Monsters

Little Red, little Red, you are just determined to be the hero of Vale, aren't you?
—Roman, to Ruby
You're asking the wrong questions, Red! It's not what I have to gain, it's that I can't afford to lose!
—Roman, to Ruby
I may be a gambling man, but even I know that there are some bets you just don't take.
—Roman, to Ruby
Like it or not, the people that hired me are going to change the world! You can't stop 'em, I can't stop 'em!
—Roman, explaining his motivation to Ruby
You know the old saying, if you can't beat 'em—
—Roman, interrupted by Ruby
You got spirit, Red. But this is the real world! The real world is COLD! The real world doesn't care about spirit!
—Roman, to Ruby
You want to be a hero? Then play the part and die like every other Huntsman in history! As for me, I'll do what I do best: lie, steal, cheat and survive!
—Roman's last words to Ruby before being eaten alive
Minor Characters