unc. Event's sequential placement is unconfirmed by canon.
° Unknown passage of time since preceding event.

Ancient Times

Ancient Times Image
According to Qrow, the Creatures of Grimm are created by the younger of two deity siblings in reaction to his older brother creating abundant life on Remnant. ("A Much Needed Talk") V4 08 00011
The two brothers create humanity together, beings capable of choosing between light and darkness, with gifts of knowledge, creation, destruction and choice. At the same time, they create four relics that embody these gifts. ("A Much Needed Talk") V4 08 00012
Faunus and humanity fight the Creatures of Grimm for their survival. ("WoR: Faunus", "Ruby Rose", "WoR: Grimm") 1101 Ruby Rose 01094
°, unc Ozpin is cursed by the gods to continuously be reincarnated for failing to stop Salem. ("Unforeseen Complications") V5OP 00015
° The Silver-Eyed Warriors come into being. ("End of the Beginning") V2op ruby eyes
° The Four Maidens come into being, the power being granted to the first holders by a past incarnation of Ozpin. ("Fall", "WoR: The Four Maidens", "Rest and Resolutions") WOR TFM 00035
°, unc A brotherhood is founded in order to protect the Maidens and the people of the world. The Maidens are forced to go into hiding and over thousands of years fade into myth and legend. ("Fall") V3 0600011
°, unc Mankind discovers Dust and with its power turns the tide against the Grimm. ("Ruby Rose", "WoR: Dust") DustMyth
°, unc Founding of the Kingdoms of Mantle, Vale, Mistral and Vacuo. ("WoR: Kingdoms") WORHuntsmen 00003

Recent History

Recent History Image
° After an incident, Mantle imposed laws against self-expression believing that if people controlled their emotions, the Grimm would be less of a threat. Their ally, Mistral, quickly followed but still allowed the center of the kingdom to maintain its cultural identity. ("WoR: The Great War") Wor great war 00008
° Due to the pristine conditions of the islands and peninsulas of the east coast of Sanus, Mistral and Vale tried to settle the location at the same time. Despite the best efforts of the King of Vale, the two groups of people clashed at what would be the first battle of the Great War. ("WoR: The Great War") Wor great war 00010
The Great War is waged between Vale and Vacuo, and Mantle and Mistral. The war began approximately 90 years before the episode "Field Trip" and lasted for 10 years. ("Field Trip", "WoR: Vytal Festival Tournament", "WoR: Faunus", "WoR: The Great War") V3 wor1 2
An end to the Great War is negotiated on Vytal. The Huntsman Academies, Cross Continental Transmit System, color naming tradition, and the Vytal Festival are all created in its aftermath, slavery is abolished and Faunus are given the continent of Menagerie in addition to equal rights as citizens. The Great War ended approximately 80 years before the Episode "Field Trip". ("Field Trip", "WoR: Huntsmen", "WoR: Faunus") V3 wor1 5
Founding of the Schnee Dust Company by Nicholas Schnee. ("The Stray", "WoR: Schnee Dust Company") Hist1 00020
° The Kingdom of Mantle ceases to exist and is replaced with the Kingdom of Atlas. ("WoR: Huntsmen") Atlas 00017
°, unc. The Faunus Rights Revolution is fought. The battle of Fort Castle occurs 3 years into the war, signalling a major turning point. ("Jaunedice, Pt.2") Weapons
At least 3 years after the start of the conflict, the Faunus Rights Revolution concludes with victory for the Faunus. The White Fang is created in its aftermath as a symbol of peace and unity between Humans and Faunus, later to become a peaceful protest organization in the wake of continued discrimination. ("Black and White") White Fang other logo
°, unc. It is discovered that Dust does not function off-planet. ("WoR: Cross Continental Transmit System") WoR7 00011
°, unc. Jacques Schnee inherits the Schnee Dust Company. Under his leadership, the SDC begins to participate in morally questionable business and labor practices. ("Mountain Glenn") Hist1 00021
°, unc Mountain Glenn, an expansion to the southeast of Vale, is founded. ("Search and Destroy") V2 09 00018
° Mountain Glenn succumbs to the Grimm after a protracted siege. ("Search and Destroy") V2 10 00028
° Team STRQ formed. ("Burning the Candle") V3 08 STRQ
° Blake Belladonna, Weiss Schnee, and Yang Xiao Long are born approximately 17 years before the start of the series. 1108 Players and Pieces 20007
Shortly after the birth of Yang, Raven Branwen cuts ties with Team STRQ, only remaining in infrequent contact with her brother Qrow Branwen. ("Burning the Candle", "Destiny") Vol3op 37
°, unc Oniyuri is founded by wealthy elites that were fed up with how Mistral ran things. Among the founders are Lie Ren's parents. The settlement was attacked by a single Grimm before it was finished. ("Tipping Point") V4 06 00005
Ruby Rose is born approximately 15 years before the start of the series on October 31st.[1] V2 06 00027
° Summer Rose doesn't return home from a mission and is presumed dead. Yang learns Summer was not her biological mother. ("Burning the Candle") WhiteRuby
° Yang takes Ruby with her on a futile attempt to find clues to the whereabouts of her mother, Raven. They are attacked by Beowolves but are saved by their uncle Qrow. ("Burning the Candle") V2 06 00029
° The village of Kuroyuri is attacked by the Nuckelavee and Nevermores, which destroy the town and kill nearly everyone, including Ren's parents. ("Kuroyuri") V4 10 00046
° The White Fang changes leadership from Ghira Belladonna to Sienna Khan and its methods from non-violence to more violent and aggressive behavior. The change happened approximately 5 years before the episode "Black and White". ("Black and White") WF old
°, unc. Sienna commends Adam on his work for the White Fang and sends him to lead the Vale branch. ("Volume 6 Adam Character Short") V6 adam short 00057
° Cinder Fall recruits Emerald Sustrai. ("Beginning of the End") V3 07 00002
° Cinder recruits Mercury Black after witnessing him kill his father, the assassin Marcus Black. ("Beginning of the End") V3 07 00008

Year 1 - The Beacon Arc

Year 1 - The Beacon Arc[2] Image
°, unc. During winter, Ruby visits Summer's Gravestone and defeats a group of Beowolves. ("Red" Trailer, Manga #1) RedTrailerSC1
°, unc. Weiss fights the Arma Gigas as a test to earn her father's permission to attend Beacon Academy. She receives a scar over the left eye during the fight. ("White" Trailer, Manga #3–4) 1002 White Trailer 1872
°, unc. Cinder recruits Roman Torchwick. ("Beginning of the End") 1116 Black and White 27300
Cinder fails to recruit the White Fang. ("Beginning of the End") V3 07 00014
The morning after Cinder's attempt to recruit the White Fang, Blake leaves Adam Taurus and the White Fang after stealing Schnee Dust Company supplies from a train. ("Black" Trailer, Manga #5–6) 1003 Black Trailer 8090
Cinder, Mercury and Emerald ambush Amber, the Fall Maiden, and steal half her power before Qrow interrupts them. ("Beginning of the End") V3 07 00074
unc. Cinder recruits Adam and the White Fang. ("Beginning of the End") V3 07 00101
°, unc. Roman hires Junior Xiong's men for a planned Dust heist. Immediately thereafter, Yang, in search of information about Raven, starts a brawl at Junior's Club. ("Yellow" Trailer, Manga #7) Yang yellow trailer photo
unc. Ruby confronts Roman and prevents his theft of From Dust Till Dawn. Glynda Goodwitch comes to her aid against Torchwick and Cinder. Ozpin offers Ruby a position at Beacon Academy. ("Ruby Rose") 1101 Ruby Rose 06271
° White Fang agitators disrupt a Faunus Civil Rights Protest, causing violence. ("Ruby Rose") Fauna
Beacon Academy Initiation, leading to the forming of Team RWBY, Team JNPR, and Team CRDL. ("Players and Pieces") RWBY4 008538
Blake inadvertently reveals her identity as a former member of the White Fang and a Faunus to the rest of her team. Roman attempts a major Dust robbery, and Blake, Ruby, Penny Polendina and Sun Wukong foil him. Qrow contacts Ozpin to inform him that "Queen has pawns." ("Black and White") 1115 The Stray 15209
Just before the start of Beacon's second semester, Emerald and Mercury kill Tukson. Cinder begins "Phase 2" and orders Torchwick to stop stealing Dust and relocate to the southeast. ("Best Day Ever") V2 01 00068
James Ironwood arrives in Vale with a fleet of Atlesian airships. Cinder, Mercury and Emerald infiltrate Beacon disguised as students from Haven Academy. Team RWBY begins an investigation of the White Fang. ("Welcome to Beacon") V2 02 00001
Ironwood introduces the Atlesian Knight-200 and the Atlesian Paladin-290. Penny reveals her robotic nature to Ruby. Team RWBY engages and destroys a stolen Atlesian Paladin-290 piloted by Roman. ("A Minor Hiccup", "Painting the Town...") V2 03 00033
Cinder infiltrates the CCT to implant a virus during the Beacon Dance. ("Dance Dance Infiltration") V2e7 black queen midnight
A train from Mountain Glenn breaches inner city Vale, releasing Grimm, which Beacon students, the Atlesian military and Beacon staff easily counter. Torchwick is put in Ironwood's custody. ("Breach") V2 12 00012
° Team RWBY goes on a mission to investigate and foil the plans of Merlot Industries, a mysterious corporation experimenting with Grimm. Their mission takes them back to the Emerald Forest, Mountain Glenn and Forever Fall and to Merlot's Island. ("RWBY: Grimm Eclipse") RWBY GE Upd Ruby
° The 40th Vytal Festival tournament begins in the autumn, approximately 80 years after the Great War. ("Round One") V3 01 Amity
The team rounds of the Vytal Festival tournament. Qrow and Winter Schnee arrive in Vale. ("New Challengers...") V3 02 Airship 1
Following the doubles rounds of the Vytal Festival tournament, Pyrrha Nikos is informed about the Maidens and is offered the power of the Fall Maiden. ("Fall") V3 0600019
Emerald deceives Yang with a hallucination, leading her to wound Mercury's leg during her singles round match in the Vytal Festival tournament. ("Fall") V3 07 00108
Emerald deceives Pyrrha with a hallucination, leading her to accidentally destroy Penny. Cinder interrupts the live tournament broadcast to instill negativity and panic in the people watching, leading to a Grimm invasion in Vale and Mistral. ("PvP", "Welcome to Haven") V3 09 00074
The Battle of Beacon. White Fang forces attack the city. Roman commandeers an airship and reprograms Atlesian robots on the ground, causing them to go rogue. A Grimm Dragon awakens under a mountain and heads toward the city. ("Battle of Beacon") V3 10 00152
Students attempt to retake Beacon from the attacking forces. Torchwick is swallowed by a griffon. The rogue airship crashes, disabling the rogue robots. Adam cuts off Yang's right arm in combat. ("Battle of Beacon, "Heroes and Monsters") V3 11 00124
Cinder kills Amber, gaining full Fall Maiden power. Ozpin dies after a skirmish with Cinder. ("Heroes and Monsters", "End of the Beginning") V3 12 00012
The Dragon destroys Vale's CCT tower, disabling worldwide communications. All forces withdraw from Beacon. ("End of the Beginning") V3 12 Tower Falls
Cinder kills Pyrrha, inadvertently activating Ruby's powers, which freeze the Grimm dragon and greatly wound Cinder, forcing her to retreat. ("End of the Beginning") SilverEyes
° The Grimm are driven out of the city but retain control of Beacon. Ruby and Yang recover back at home on Patch. Weiss is brought back to Atlas by her father, Jacques Schnee. Blake is said to have run away and is seen in Vale. Qrow acquires Ozpin's cane and assumes his duties. ("End of the Beginning") V3 12 00142
° When winter begins, Ruby, Jaune Arc, Nora Valkyrie and Ren set out from Patch to Mistral, followed by Qrow. ("End of the Beginning") V3 12 00179
unc. Salem declares her intention to snuff out the hope of mankind and says dividing them by creating doubt is merely her first move. ("End of the Beginning") V3 12 00199

Year 2

Year 2 Image
Ruby fights Grimm in a village on the outskirts of Vale's territory. This happens some time after the fall of Beacon, while she, Jaune, Nora and Ren are still on the continent of Sanus.[3][4] ("Volume 4 Character Short") Vol4 Trailer 007
° Salem's Faction meet and determine their next course of action following the Fall of Beacon. Their plans involve organizing a meeting with the leader of the White Fang, targeting Ruby Rose with the intention of capturing her and setting Haven Academy as the next to fall. ("The Next Step") V4 01 00035
Several months after the Fall of Beacon, Ruby, Jaune, Nora and Ren discover that the village of Shion has been destroyed due to an attack by Raven's bandit tribe and the subsequent appearance of Grimm. ("Remembrance", "Family") V4 02 00016
Ozpin merges souls with Oscar Pine and makes his presence known to the 14-year-old boy. ("Family") V4 04 00006
After a talk with Taiyang Xiao Long, Peter Port and Bartholomew Oobleck, Yang trains with a prosthetic arm that Ironwood had commissioned for her. ("Family", "Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back") V4 04 00085
Weiss performs in front of an audience as part of a charity event for Vale. At the after party, Weiss loses her temper at the guests' uncaring behavior and accidentally summons a Boarbatusk, which attacks one of the guests. Ironwood saves the guest and defends Weiss' outburst. ("Tipping Point") V4 06 00016
Tyrian Callows catches up to RNJR in the abandoned settlement of Oniyuri and attacks them, declaring his intention to take Ruby away with him. The team is quick to defend Ruby but are bested until Qrow arrives, and they learn he works for someone named Salem. Tyrian's stinger poisons Qrow, and Ruby cuts it off. ("Tipping Point", "Punished")
V4 06 00040
Ironwood closes the borders of Atlas to protect the kingdom from the war brewing in Mistral. Weiss sneaks out of her home to get to Mistral first. ("Taking Control") V4 11 00032
The Belladonna family learns of Adam's plans to overthrow the White Fang leadership and attack Haven Academy. They resolve to take control of the White Fang back. ("Taking Control") V4 11 00053
RNJR slays the Nuckelavee that had been destroying villages for over a decade. ("No Safe Haven") V4 12 00042
RNJR makes it to Mistral. ("No Safe Haven") V4 12 00050
Arthur Watts meets with Leonardo Lionheart, Salem's informant. ("No Safe Haven") V4 12 00083
° Adam assassinates Sienna Khan in a coup to takeover the White Fang. He lies about her death to make her a martyr for galvanzing a war with humans. ("Dread in the Air") V5 02 00045
An assault on the Belladonna Family Home is made with the goal to kill the Belladonna family. However, it was unsuccessful, resulting in the arrests of the surviving assailants. ("Alone Together", "True Colors") V5 08 00053
unc Oscar catches up with Qrow and Team RNJR, revealing his Ozpin identity. ("Welcome to Haven") V5 01 00034
The White Fang, Salem's Faction as well as the Branwen Tribe start their assault on Haven Academy. ("The More the Merrier", "Volume 6 Adam Character Short") V5 11 00020
Adam's White Fang is defeated, Cinder is presumed dead and Leonardo is killed by Salem. Team RWBY is reunited once again, and Ozpin sets the course for Atlas. ("Downfall", "Haven's Fate") V5 14 00073


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