Volume 2Edit


Yang, we have a lot to talk about.
—Raven, to Yang Xiao Long

Volume 4Edit


I told you Beacon would fall and it did. I told you Ozpin would fail and he has.
—Raven, to Qrow
I lead our people now. And as leader I will do everything in my power to ensure our survival.
—Raven, declaring what she cares about most
The weak die, the strong live. Those are the rules.
—Raven's philosophy

Volume 5Edit

Dread in the AirEdit

I think… we just hit the jackpot.
—Raven capturing Weiss.

Lighting the FireEdit

You were patient, determined, and strong enough to make your dream a reality. Well done, Yang.
—Raven, proud of Yang finding her
Family. Only coming around when they need something.
—Raven about family
You know, it takes real strength to march in here and demand such a favor of me. I’ve got to say, I’m impressed.
—Raven on Yang's request of her
Ozpin is not the man you think he is. And Qrow is a fool for trusting him. I would know, I trusted him once, too.
—Raven warning Yang about "the man behind the curtain"
If you’re really going after your sister, then you need to know the truth.
—Raven's request of Yang as the episode ends

Known by its SongEdit

Not all of them. Some people are just in it for the money and the fame, but there’s even more that are just looking to grow stronger. Your Uncle Qrow and I didn’t attend Beacon to become Huntsmen, we did it to learn how to kill Huntsmen.
—Raven, explaining her and Qrow's reason why they attended Beacon to Weiss and Yang
I’m giving you a choice. Stay here, with me, and I’ll answer all your questions and more. We can have a fresh start. Or… you can go back to Qrow and join Ozpin’s impossible war against Salem, and meet the same fate as so many others. But can you really go back to trusting someone that’s kept so much from you?
—Raven, gives Yang a difficult choice to choose from

A Perfect StormEdit

I’m not helping Salem, I’m not helping Oz! I don’t want a part in any of this!
—Raven, to Cinder
Of course not. They’ll never leave us alone. Once our purpose has come and gone, we’ll be discarded. Salem only uses people until they are no longer useful. If we want to have any chance of defending ourselves against her, then we need this Relic. If Qrow and those brats want to follow Ozpin, then let them. When the chaos reaches its peak, we’ll grab the Relic and make our escape.
—Raven, to Vernal

About RavenEdit

She wanted me to tell you that she saved you once, but you shouldn't expect that kindness again.
—Qrow to Yang in "Destiny"
Raven's got an interesting way of looking at the world that I don't particularly agree with. And she's dangerous.
—Qrow to Yang in "Destiny"
Raven was great in so many ways - her strength, her ambition, her dedication to whatever cause she thought was worth fighting for.
—Taiyang, to Yang in "Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back"
Your mother was… a complicated woman. Like everybody, she had her faults, but those faults are what tore our team apart. And, they did a real number on our family. You both act as if the easiest way to tackle an obstacle is through it. That strength is all that matters in a fight.
—Taiyang, to Yang in ""Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back"
I get it from my mom.
—Yang about her stubbornness
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