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Raven vs. Neopolitan No Brakes Won (enemy withdrew)


Both Raven Branwen and Qrow were raised in a tribe that consisted, according to Qrow, of murderers and thieves.

She was a part of Team STRQ with Summer Rose, Taiyang Xiao Long, and Qrow Branwen. She was once in a relationship with Taiyang and bore a daughter with him: Yang Xiao Long. Not long after Yang's birth, she left, returning to her old tribe and eventually becoming its leader.


Mountain GlennEdit

She makes her debut in the episode "No Brakes", where she intervenes in the fight between Yang and Neopolitan, just before Neo could deliver the killing blow on an unconscious Yang. Her mere presence appears to deeply frighten Neo, who immediately breaks off and teleports away. Yang regains consciousness just in time to see her mysterious savior disappear into a red and black rift.

In a post-credits sequence during the Volume 2 finale, "Breach", Raven and Yang apparently meet again, this time in front of the main statue at Beacon Academy. When Yang asks her who she is, she tilts her head down and removes her mask, revealing an uncanny facial resemblance to Yang before stating they had much to discuss.

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Vytal Festival TournamentEdit

After her singles round fight, Yang is visited by Qrow. She mentions that she saw Raven on the train, and Qrow confirms it. Qrow adds that he does not agree with her worldview and calls her dangerous. Nevertheless, he tells Yang information that can help her track Raven down.

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Meeting in Higanbana Edit

Several months after the fall of Beacon, Raven meets Qrow in a tavern at Higanbana to discuss the whereabouts of a relic and if Salem possesses it. Parts of the siblings' background are revealed during the conversation, including the fact they were raised by the bandit tribe that caused the recent massacre in Shion village. Raven is still angry at her brother for leaving the tribe because she considers them their family. But Qrow counters with Yang's situation, angry at Raven for treating her daughter like she doesn't exist. She says she currently leads the tribe now, and subtly claims responsibility for Shion. Not receiving an answer on the relic, Raven leaves, refusing to tell Qrow whether or not she knows where the Spring Maiden is.

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