Please check the User Rights Nominations to nominate or vote for potential candidates for these positions.


Bureaucrats not only hold all the rights and responsibilities of administrators, but also have the ability to promote and demote users to administrator. They can also promote another user to bureaucrat.

List of Bureaucrats

Sgt D Grif - Oversees various aspects including design, Mediawiki coding, chat, uploading, social media, and general operations.


In order to keep the RWBY Wiki working smoothly and looking nice, administrators have been given the tools to delete pages, rename images, protect pages, block users, and promote users to chat moderator. Administrators are automatically given chat moderator rights.

List of Administrators

ChishioKunrin - Oversees edits and maintains image galleries and images.
Edits: 24,273

General Esdeath - Oversees edits, chat, general operations, and community affairs, including social media.
Edits: 12,738

HazelQuill7445 - Oversees edits and maintains the Wiki to a higher standard.
Edits: 24,273

Lauren Darkmore - Oversees edits and keeps the peace on chat and mainspace.
Edits: 3,496

Maki Kuronami - Oversees edits, governs the image galleries of the Wiki, and moderates mainspace threads and comments.
Edits: 11,828

Minomelo - Oversees edits and maintains the Wiki to the highest standard.
Edits: 20,527


Rollbacks possess the ability to "rollback" any undesirable edits for the Wiki with the push of a button. They function as moderators of the articles and between users.

List of Rollbacks

Edits: 3,485

Edits: 1,788

Edits: 4,602

Edits: 4,841

Lord Jaric
Edits: 3,197

Edits: 11,391

Edits: 23,379

The Devil's Advocate WP
Edits: 2,836

The Trumpet player of
Edits: 6,219

Discussion Moderators

Discussion moderators oversee the Forums, Article Comments, Blog Comments, and Message Walls to ensure that policies are followed and that incidents are dealt with promptly and appropriately. They can edit and close threads, edit and delete comments on articles and blogs, and delete messages from Message Walls. However, they do not have authority over the chatroom, and may not ban users from the chat.

List of Discussion Moderators

SpiritedDreaming SpiritSymbol
Forum Edits: 10,650

VedranTheII VedranTheII Symbol4
Forum Edits: 6,122

Chat Moderators

Chat moderators oversee chat to ensure that policies are followed and that incidents are dealt with promptly and appropriately. For more information, see the Chat Policies.

List of Chat Moderators

13th madmanChatIcon 13th madman
Generally tends to be on from 8:00am to 12:00pm UTC.

Call me NappaChatIcon Call me Nappa
Generally tends to be on from 1:00pm to 7:00am UTC on weekdays and 5:00pm to 7:00am on weekends.

CaptainBarracudaChatIcon Captain Barracuda
Generally tends to be on from 5:00pm to 10:00am UTC.

CreedKeeper25ChatIcon CreedKeeper25
Generally tends to be on from 11:00pm UTC.

Kamikaze839ChatIcon Kamikaze839
He doesn't have a set time of presence. He is on and off sporadically throughout the day.

TheVelvetScarlatinaChatIcon The Velvet Scarlatina
Generally tends to be on from 10:00pm UTC.