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Huntsmen and Huntresses are elite warriors dedicated to slaying the creatures of Grimm and whose duty is to "uphold the peace" of Remnant.

The occupation was created following the Great War's conclusion on the island of Vytal, alongside the Huntsman Academies. These academies were charged to train the elite warriors whose role was to safeguard mankind's future.

Main article: Huntsmen
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October 14th, 2017
RWBY Volume 5 Chapter 1 – "Welcome to Haven"

V5E1 Thumbnail

The first episode of RWBY Volume 5 has released for FIRST members!

Rt-favicon Watch it now on the RT site!

November 14th, 2017
RWBY Volume 5's third character short, "Volume 5 Yang Character Short"

V5 Yang Short Thumbnail

The Yang Xiao Long character short has been released!

Watch it on Yt-favicon YouTube or on the Rt-favicon Rooster Teeth site!

October 7th, 2017
RWBY Chibi Season 2 Episode 22 - "Battle of the Bands"

Chibi2 episode 22 thumbnail

The twenty-second episode of RWBY Chibi Season 2 is out now for FIRST members on the Rooster Teeth website!

Rt-favicon Watch it now on the RT site!

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