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"Red Like Roses"

Jeff Williams


Casey Lee Williams

Track #
  • 1 (Single)
  • 2 (Vol. 1 - Album)



Symphonic rock


"Red Like Roses" is Ruby Rose's music theme, featured in the "Red" Trailer and incorporated in the RWBY Volume 1 Soundtrack.


The music starts off at 70 bpm with an acoustic guitar playing a distinctive, sad-sounding melody over arpeggiated guitar chords, followed by the verse.

After the verse, the music's tempo considerably picks up to 200 bpm (with a time signature of 6/4), in sync with the action of the battle. An extended Spanish-tinged acoustic guitar solo plays over strings and heavy percussion, lending a rather romantic and exciting feel to the piece.

The music then rests momentarily, before continuing with a faster tempo (201bpm), in a reprise of the opening melody in a fast-paced string arrangement.

Musically, the intro and first part of the verse are in B minor, with a key change to D minor occurring halfway through the first verse (at the line "Black the beast..."). The majority of the solo stays in the key of D minor, but the song momentarily returns to its original key at the beginning of the 'reprise' section, before again changing to D minor.

The verse and reprise sections are in 4/4 time (at different tempos), with the solo in 6/4 time.

The opening melody is a leitmotif of sorts for Ruby, and arrangements of it can be found in many places on the RWBY Volume 1 Soundtrack, especially during scenes focusing on the character.


Red like roses fills my dreams and brings me to the place you rest.
White is cold and always yearning, burdened by a royal test.
Black the beast descends from shadows.
Yellow beauty burns gold.


  • The lyrics indirectly describe the four main characters as Red, White, Black and Yellow.
  • "Red Like Roses Part II," another song on the RWBY soundtrack, is a thematic follow-up to this song, specifically the Red verse. The song plays as Ruby decapitates the Nevermore in "Players and Pieces."
  • Judging from Red Like Roses Part II and Jeff Williams' explanation of that song, the first verse of the lyrics may be a reference to Ruby and the death of Summer Rose.[1]
    • "Red like roses" is a reference to blood.
    • "Fills my dreams" means that she dreams about the day that Summer died.
    • "And brings me to the place you rest" means the memory causes her to revisit Summer's grave.


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