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RNJR[1][2] (pronounced "Ranger"), sometimes known as JNRR (pronounced "Junior"),[3] is an informal team consisting of former Beacon Academy students Ruby Rose, Nora Valkyrie, Jaune Arc and Lie Ren. It is formed after the death of Pyrrha Nikos of Team JNPR and the separation of Team RWBY following the fall of Beacon.

Shortly after forming, Team RNJR heads to Haven Academy in an investigation into those responsible for the attack on Vale.

Some months later, the members of Team RNJR are on Anima, the same continent that Haven Academy is located on. Despite the team's informality, all the members are shown to work well together and are on positive terms with each other.


Ruby Vol 4 Thumb 2
Ruby Rose is a member of Team RNJR.
Nora Vol 4 Thumb
Nora Valkyrie is a member of Team RNJR.
Jaune Vol 4 Thumb
Jaune Arc is a member of Team RNJR.
Ren Vol 4 Thumb
Lie Ren is a member of Team RNJR.


  • Series writers Kerry Shawcross and Miles Luna internally refer to the group as Team RNJR.[1]
  • As per the Color Naming Rule, the color that RNJR brings up is a shade of green called ranger green.
  • Although the first initial in a team name usually denotes the team leader, Team RNJR is not an "official" team formed at a school. Therefore, no "formal" leader is assigned. In addition, Kerry notes that it is ambiguous as to whether the R refers to Ruby or Ren.[4]
    • In "The Next Step" Nora and Ren debate whether they should be known as JNRR or RNJR. Nora insists the team should be JNRR due to the fact there are three JNPR members compared to one RWBY member, whilst Ren points out that they are helping Ruby with her objective, therefore she should be the leader. Jaune at first is inclined toward JNRR, but he later decides that the team name does not matter. Ruby does not take part in the debate, although she has referred to the team as RNJR.
  • On August 19th, 2016, Gray G. Haddock tweeted a promotional image for RWBY Volume 4 based on a poster for the Netflix series Stranger Things. The image featured Ruby photoshopped into the poster and the title RNJR Things, a pun on the pronunciation of the team name and show title.[5]
  • On October 25th, 2016, Rooster Teeth tweeted a Twitter poll asking fans which of the two alternative names for the team they like the most. After 24 hours, with 18,050 votes cast, RNJR won 79% to JNRR's 21%.[6]


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