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Fear is like any other emotion. It comes and goes. It's all in how you handle it.
—Port, pontificating on fear

Peter Port is a professor at Beacon Academy. He is first seen in "The Badge and The Burden" teaching the Grimm Studies class, with Team RWBY and Jaune Arc from Team JNPR being present in his class. His weapon of choice is a blunderbuss outfitted with a battle axe.


Peter Port appears to be a middle-aged man, possibly in his mid-fifties. He wears a double-breasted burgundy suit with gold piping and buttons. His pants he wears tucked into olive boots, similar in appearance and construction to cavalry boots.

He has gray hair and a gray mustache and appears to be slightly overweight; when he laughs his belly visibly shakes up and down.


While Peter seems to be a pretty well-mannered man, his teaching skills seem to bore the class, as displayed by Ruby Rose, who was sleeping, and Blake Belladonna, who was uninterested in the subject. He also seems to joke around in teaching, as he tried to make the class laugh by calling the Grimm "prey", but was met only with silence.

He's also shown to not be above flirting with some of his female students, playfully flirting with the trainee Huntresses such as Yang Xiao Long, much to her discomfort. He has also proven to be quite confident in his abilities as a Huntsman, often telling stories of his feats. He even has a gold bust of himself near his desk.

Despite these seemingly self-absorbed traits, he has his moments of humility. Peter also seems to not be afraid in speaking the truth, such as mentioning Weiss Schnee's poor attitude and lack of gratitude for what she has. He also wishes the best for his students in general, as shown in "Family", in which he encourages Yang to overcome her fears and don the prosthetic arm.

It is also revealed by Bartholomew Oobleck in "Family" that Peter is afraid of mice, to which he responds angrily but comically, explaining why he fears them.


  • Peter Port alludes to Peter from the story Peter and the Wolf.[1]
    • In "The Badge and the Burden", Port tells the story of how he captured a Beowolf alive rather than killing it, a possible reference to the story he alludes to. The background music playing during his telling is indeed Peter and the Wolf.
  • "Peter" is derived from the Greek word "Πέτρος" (Petros), meaning "stone". "Port", as a surname, could be referring to his overweight, or "portly" appearance, or alternatively it could be a reference to Port wine, which is a type of red wine.
  • In his classroom, Peter keeps his weapon hung on the wall above his diagrams of various Grimm species. He later wields it in order to release the captive Boarbatusk. It is heavily implied in his story that he was a Huntsman in his past and was seen as a hero after capturing a Beowolf alive.
  • Port keeps several Grimm heads in his classroom as trophies. It is later revealed in the World of Remnant episode "Grimm", that they are taxidermy recreations as Grimm evaporate shortly after death. A silhouette resembling Professor Port is also seen as the narrator describes how some individuals hunt Grimm as a sport.
  • Many fans claim that Port capturing live Grimm and keeping them in cages is a reference to his voice actor, Ryan Haywood, keeping a cow named Edgar trapped under his house in Achievement Hunter's "Let's Play Minecraft" videos. However, as Miles Luna and Kerry Shawcross have said, Port's character was written long before Ryan captured Edgar. This parallel between Port and Ryan was merely coincidental.[2]
  • In one of his streams, Ryan stated that the inspiration behind Port's voice came from the Full Metal Alchemist character Alex Louis Armstrong.
  • According to the loading screen in RWBY: Grimm Eclipse, Port waxes his moustache every other day.


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