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Ozpin's Cane is Ozpin's weapon of choice. Its capabilities are unknown, but it is stated as being able to "store time" in the Volume 3 Commentaries.[1] Exactly what this means is not elaborated upon.


Ozpin's Cane is a long cane that doubles as a walking stick. Its handle is embellished with a pattern, and there is a large knuckle guard which reaches down the bottom of the handle. The larger area at the bottom of the handle contains small gold-colored gears. The shaft of the cane has a gray-black coloration and appears to be square in shape as opposed to most canes which have a round shaft.

Ozpin has used the cane for mobility, as he's seen using it whenever he walks around Beacon. However, he has also been seen not to need it for support, and he held it like a sword when confronting Cinder in "Heroes and Monsters".

During "End of the Beginning", Ozpin is briefly seen fighting against Cinder with the cane. Primarily, he uses it as a bludgeoning weapon, hitting Cinder with it at incredible speeds and using it to parry her blows. He also uses it to generate a spherical protective force field by striking it into the ground. This field gives off violent arcs of energy and is able to withstand Cinder's use of the Fall Maiden's power, at least temporarily.

After Ozpin's disappearance, the cane is apparently left behind. Qrow Branwen carries it in the post credit sequence of the episode.

In the post-credit sequence of "No Safe Haven" Qrow gives the cane to Oscar when the latter asked for it back. In the process, it is shown to be capable of retracting entirely into its own handle.

The cane has also been shown to be able to extend to a shorter length, to match Oscar's stature.

Despite its supple design, the cane is absurdly durable, capable of blocking hits from a Lightning Dust-enhanced Hazel Rainart without any discernible damage in the slightest despite Hazel's overwhelming physical strength when the man is in a rage.


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