Oscar's home was with his aunt on a farm somewhere in the Kingdom of Mistral.


Daily Life on a FarmEdit

One day, Oscar wakes up from a dream and begins doing chores around the farm.

After he finishes his work and heads back into the barn with his tools, he notices something strange in the mirror. Looking at his reflection, he nervously calls out "Hello?". After a pause, he hears Ozpin introduce himself and flies backward into a stack of hay. His aunt calls out from the farmhouse and tells him to be careful with his tools.

In the middle of the night, he refuses to Ozpin's orders to leave the farm and go to the City of Mistral.

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Journey to the City of MistralEdit

An unspecified amount of time later, Oscar decides to leave the farm and begin his journey to the City of Mistral. He encounters Hazel Rainart, who Ozpin tells him is not someone to be taken lightly. He boards the train and sees an advertisement for Haven Academy.

After arriving in Mistral, he finds Qrow Branwen in a tavern. Ozpin pressures him to talk, so he asks Qrow to return Ozpin's cane. Oscar accompanies a drunk Qrow back to the house in Mistral where he and Team RNJR are staying. As the inebriated Qrow incoherently rambles, claiming "[he] found him", Oscar introduces himself to the team as Oscar Pine and Professor Ozpin.

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In MistralEdit

Oscar sits as Team RNJR wonders about his identity. He shares an awkward moment with Ruby Rose, saying he never met Huntsmen before. Oscar gives Ozpin control over his body and is present mentally when Ozpin reveals his true nature. Ozpin plans that the group gather more Huntsmen and train before ensuring the safety of the relic of knowledge. As a part of this, Oscar questions what Ozpin means that Oscar must strengthen his body and Aura.

Oscar trains with Team RNJR outside. He practices hand-to-hand combat with Ruby only to be knocked down after not engaging his Aura. He gives Ozpin physical control, and after Ozpin spars with Ruby, Oscar is visibly tired from the energy spent. He learns the difficulty of training his Aura and that he can eventually unlock his Semblance with enough practice.

One night, Oscar trains by himself with Ozpin’s cane in the training room when Ruby comes downstairs. He admits to her that he feels like he has had the weapon for more than a lifetime. After Ruby encourages him that he will be ready for combat in no time, Oscar admits to her his fears of the inevitable conflict. When she tries to cheer him up, he bursts out his anger as to how she seems so calm in the midst of all of the chaos surrounding her. After Oscar calms down, Ruby shares with him how she came to lose two of her dearest friends: Penny Polendina and Pyrrha Nikos. She admits that she is frightened because Salem is willing to kill both her enemies and innocent bystanders, but she is moving forward in memory of her fallen friends because they would have done the same for her. As she goes back upstairs, Ruby acknowledges Oscar for his bravery and perseverance. Ozpin then remarks that despite Ruby’s faults, she possesses a spark to inspire others even in dark times. Oscar concludes that their situation is tough on Ruby, to Ozpin’s agreement.

On a later day, Oscar watches as Ruby reunites with two of her old teammates: Yang Xiao Long and Weiss Schnee. After the former Beacon students have dinner together, Oscar allows Ozpin to take over and catch up with everyone about what they have all learned. When he regains control of his body, Oscar finds himself touching Yang’s shoulder and pulls back nervously.

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