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You know… the weirdest part is how it feels. Leaving home is crazy. Going to the city is crazy. Everything you’ve told me is completely crazy. But it doesn’t feel crazy anymore. It feels like I’m doing the right thing.
—Oscar, to Ozpin

Oscar Pine is a character in RWBY. He first appeared in "The Next Step".


Oscar is a boy with a tanned complexion, freckles, and black hair. His eyes have central heterochromia, with green as the main color of the iris and a ring of yellow around the pupils. He wears a dirty white collared shirt that has a low v-neck, with crisscrossing laces across the gap in the neck. Over his shirt, he wears orange suspenders that hold up his olive pants, which have a brown patch sewn onto both knees. The ends of his pant legs are somewhat covered by a pair of large, dark brown work boots. Around his neck is a small white scarf, and he wears orange gloves with dark gray straps on them. A multicolored, striped scarf hangs from the left pocket of his pants.


Oscar enjoys his life as a farmhand, working his chores as soon as he wakes up. When Ozpin makes contact with him, he initially brushes off any of Ozpin's requests, wishing to instead remain as a farmhand and not accepting Ozpin as anything more than a voice in his head. However, in "Kuroyuri", he gives in and begins his journey to Haven Academy.

According to Ozpin, Oscar has an inner desire to become someone more than just a farmhand. 

Oscar seems uncomfortable in new social situations, as shown when he approaches Qrow Branwen on behalf of Ozpin. His slow pace of speech and looking down while talking suggest awkwardness when engaging with strangers.

Abilities and PowersEdit

It is currently unknown what extended power he has with his Aura fused together with Ozpin's, but it is implied that he now holds all of the former headmaster's memories.

He can work independently around a farm.


  • The name "Oscar" likely alludes to a species of fish called the "Oscar", which comes in sub-species and different types of colors, including yellow or velvety brown varieties.
    • "Oscar Gold" is also a color, based on the color of the famous Oscar statues.
  • His surname "Pine" corresponds to the evergreen tree species of the same name, which are evocative of green colors.
  • Oscar is the first name of The Wizard of Oz, the character Ozpin is based on.[1]


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