Volume 1Edit

The First StepEdit

♫ It's morning! It's morning! It's morning! It's morning! ♫
—Nora, demonstrating that she is a morning person
We've been friends for soooooooo long! What are the odds we'd still be together? Well, not 'together-together'... Not that I'm not saying that you're not handsome; you are handsome, but that'd just be weird, right?
—Nora, rambling to Lie Ren
Maybe we can bribe the headmaster. No, that won't work, he has a school.
—Nora, talking to Ren about getting on the same team
I know! We'll have some sort of signal! Like a distress signal! (gasps) A secret signal so we can find each other in the forest! Can you imitate a sloth?
—Nora, talking about her 'plans' with Ren

The Emerald ForestEdit

—Nora, while poking at Ren

Players and PiecesEdit

Aww, it's broken!
—Nora, after the Ursa she was riding dies
♫ I'm queen of the castle, I'm queen of the castle ♫
—Nora, after getting her relic
—Nora, coming in between Yang Xiao Long and Ruby Rose
Let's do this!
—Nora, to Jaune Arc, to help battle the Death Stalker
—Nora, when beating the Death Stalker


So, there we were, in the middle of the night...
—Nora, beginning her story about a recurring dream
Ooh! We'll break his legs!
—Nora, offering to help Jaune with his bully problem

Volume 2Edit

Best Day EverEdit

Off with their heads!
—Nora, at the beginning of the food fight at the Beacon Academy cafeteria

Welcome to BeaconEdit

—Nora, after waking up
—Nora, bemoaning the fickle ways of women

Burning the CandleEdit

We're actually not "together-together..."
—Nora, to Jaune
Practice what you preach, Pyrrha.
—Nora, giving advice to Pyrrha

Dance Dance InfiltrationEdit

This. Is. Happening!
—Nora, to Ren

Search and DestroyEdit

Save the world?! You're going on world-saving missions without us?! I'm hurt! Sad! Maybe a little hungry. That last one's not your fault...
—Nora, to Team RWBY

Volume 3Edit

Round OneEdit

Oh! Aim at the enemy!
—Nora, about puking
We've got a world-renowned fighter on our team, what's basically a ninja, I can bench five of me... Jaune... We've trained all year, our weapons are awesome, Glynda barely yells at us anymore and... Uhh... Jaune!
—Nora, about their chances in the tournament
Don't be so nervous! The worst that could happen is we lose! Then it's just a few more years of walking around school with everyone knowing we're failures, our friends will slowly abandon us to preserve their social status, we won't be able to show our faces in class, no-one will sit with us in the cafeteria, and Ren and I have no parents so we have no home left to go to, we'll be officially renamed Team LOSE-iper! *manic sobbing*
—Nora, on the prospect of losing and revealing that she and Ren are orphans

New Challengers...Edit

No, silly, not 'a flower'! 'Flour,' like in baking.
—Nora, about "Flower Power"
Oooh, I sense hesitation.
—Nora, after Pyrrha expresses doubt about Jaune's tactics
YEAH! Team ears only!
—Nora, when Brawnz interrupts the JNPR team meeting


No more moping around! We gotta get your butt in shape for the big fight! It could be today. It could be tomorrow. It could be the most important fight of your entire life!
—Nora, encouraging Pyrrha for her singles fight
If it looks the same coming up as it does going down, then there's something wrong!
—Nora to Ren, about his energy juice

End of the BeginningEdit

But we wouldn't be here if we weren't up for it.
—Nora to Ruby, about their journey to Haven

Volume 4Edit

The Next StepEdit

I still think a grenade launcher would've really brought the look together.
—Nora, about Jaune's new look


You know, that actually explains a lot.
—Nora, on Jaune having seven sisters
Should we bury him?
—After the Dying Huntsman passes

Tipping PointEdit

Well, what if she doesn't want to go with you?
—Nora to Tyrian Callows, protecting Ruby

A Much Needed TalkEdit

Seriously? Now you're tired of telling us stories?
—Nora, calling Qrow Branwen out on being evasive in answering

Two Steps Forward, Two Steps BackEdit

We don't have time for safe! If we make it to Mistral, we'll bring back help! If we don't, at least we'll have a better view of the land! Up there, we can see if there's somewhere else we can go!
—Nora, suggesting that Team RNJR split
We always have.
—Nora, in response to Jaune telling Ren and Nora to take care of each other


I'm scared...
—Young Nora, to young Ren as they hide during the destruction of Kuroyuri
Easy's no fun anyway.
—Nora, to Ren as they hike up the mountain

No Safe HavenEdit

No. I won't let you kill yourself like this. After everything we've been through, I won't let it end.
—Nora, to Ren

Volume 5Edit

Welcome to HavenEdit

So, is this not going at all like anyone thought it would?
—Nora, after meeting Professor Lionheart

Unforeseen ComplicationsEdit

This is perfect! We were stuck at a dead end, but now, we can just take little cute boy Ozpin to Lionheart and have him set things straight!
—Nora, suggesting they bring Oscar to Lionheart

The More the MerrierEdit

They... they really are magic...
—Nora, after witnessing Raven Branwen's transformation


I don't need him to hurt. I just need him to GO DOWN!
—Nora, about to swing at Hazel Rainart
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