Participants Episode(s) Result
Roman vs. Team RWBY, Sun and Neptune "Painting the Town..." Draw
Neopolitan vs. Yang "No Brakes" Won
Neopolitan, Cinder, Mercury and Emerald vs. Unnamed Team "Round One" Won
Neopolitan and Roman vs. Ruby "Heroes and Monsters" Lost


RWBY Investigations

Neo is first seen at a gathering of the White Fang, accompanying Roman Torchwick as he addresses the group. She later aids Roman in his escape following his defeat at the hands of Team RWBY while demonstrating her abilities.

Sometime later, Neo is on a train carrying large amounts of explosive cargo, once again aiding Roman. After Team RWBY boards the train, Neo ends up confronting Yang Xiao Long. Yang holds her attention, allowing Weiss Schnee and Blake Belladonna to pass by Neo without consequence.

V2 11 00057

Neo defeats Yang

However, after a brief, rather one-sided fight, Neo bests Yang and attempts to kill her via a dagger in her umbrella. However, before she can, Raven Branwen appears, prompting her to flee.

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Vytal Festival

Neo is seen participating in the Vytal Festival Tournament. She conceals her identity by changing her appearance drastically: she wears a predominantly black outfit and also changes her hair and eye colors. In the tournament, she competes as part of a team with Emerald Sustrai, Mercury Black and Cinder Fall. The team has no trouble during their first match, in which Neo is seen mercilessly stomping on a hapless opponent.

After Mercury fakes a broken leg, Neo and Cinder, disguised as paramedics, evacuate Mercury via Air Bus to an unknown location.

Later, Neopolitan is shown freeing Roman, returning to him his trademark hat and Melodic Cudgel.

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The Battle of Beacon

V3 09 00124

Neo, freeing Roman from the airship

Aboard an Atlesian Airship, Neo hands Roman a Scroll with Cinder's virus on it. Roman plugs it in, infecting all of the Atlesian Knight-200 soldiers with a hostile AI. When Roman hears something crash into the top of the airship, he instructs Neo to find out what it is. Neo nods and leaves the room, heading to the airship's roof.

Once there, she uses her power to change back into her original outfit, reports to Roman with a text from her Scroll and engages in battle against Ruby Rose. She easily dodges the swings of Crescent Rose and shatters in an illusion before Roman intervenes in the fight. Together, the two gain the upper hand on Ruby, with Neo quickly yanking Crescent Rose from Ruby's grasp and landing a roundhouse kick, allowing Roman to blast Ruby to the side of the airship.

As Neo slowly walks towards Ruby, she drags her blade along the airship and subsequently holds Ruby at swordpoint. However, amidst Roman's monologuing, she is thwarted as Ruby opens her umbrella, causing the winds to blow her away from the airship. She flies away, clinging to her umbrella at the mercy of the raging winds and the surrounding Grimm, much to Roman's shock and dismay.

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