Neon's Nunchaku are Neon Katt's weapons of choice. They made their first appearance in "Never Miss a Beat".


Neon's Nunchaku are cracked or bent like glow sticks in order to activate the ice Dust within. They have the ability to freeze any area they hit after the Dust has been activated, as demonstrated when Neon froze one of Yang Xiao Long's arms and legs in "Never Miss a Beat".

Before they are activated, the nunchaku have a dull gray color, but when using ice Dust, the nunchaku adopt a bright cyan glow. In concept art, the nunchaku are seen glowing with numerous different colors, including green, magenta and yellow, indicating that they can utilize different types of Dust. In the Volume 3 Commentaries, it is stated that the active Dust type changes each time the nunchaku are cracked, but there was not enough time to display this in the show itself.[1]

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