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I need to be fast. Fast is something important.
— Monty Oum[1]

Monty Oum
Rooster Teeth Employee(?)



June 22nd, 1981 (Age 33)


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  • Director
  • Writer
  • Animator
  • Voice Actor

Lie Ren

Monty Oum is the creator, director, writer, animator and a voice actor of RWBY.[2] He currently works for Rooster Teeth Productions, where he originally started animating the popular Machinima series Red vs. Blue in its eighth season.

He has also worked on several individual fan projects, such as Dead Fantasy and Haloid, although he has stated that his main goal is to create an original series, which came to pass with RWBY. He voices Lie Ren.

The Beginning of RWBYEdit

The idea for the RWBY series was in Monty's head since Season 9 of Red vs. Blue. One night while at IHOP with Shane Newville, Monty decided he was going to design the world for RWBY right there.

He decided to start on his world because, according to him, "geography determines your culture and culture determines your people" (Monty's Journal 11/7/12), so his world was created with a napkin and some ketchup.

According to Monty, Burnie Burns had told him that as long as he finished Red vs. Blue Season 10, he could do whatever he wanted. And thus, after he pitched the premise of the show, he got permission to go through with RWBY.[3]

Rwby map3

The inspiration of the RWBY world map.


  • Monty is a very time efficient person, and he's done things like ripping out certain keyboard keys that don't contribute to his work. Most notorious is his penchant to ignore sleep in order to work, with fans often asking him to stop so he can rest. He sometimes makes jokes about this, like with the creation of RWBYsaurus.
  • Monty is a high school drop out.
  • Monty is Cambodian, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Japanese.
  • Monty was originally going to voice Professor Ozpin, but instead chose to give Shannon McCormick the role.
  • Monty often includes a crow in his works, which is possibly referenced by the character of Qrow.
  • Monty is allergic to cats and juniper.[4]



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