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Stay away from the lower levels. The higher up you go, the nicer it gets.
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Mistral is a large city lying on two mountains within the kingdom of Mistral.

Various buildings cover the mountains from the summits to the foothills. Haven Academy lies at the top of the city spanning across the peaks of both mountains, which themselves are part of a wider mountain range. Stone stairways act as the main routes in the city.


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The city of Mistral is divided into multiple levels; the higher one goes, the nicer it gets. A massive platform in the middle of the city acts as an elevator to descend and ascend. The city is full of various buildings and vendors selling merchandise legally and illegally. Haven Academy rests at the top of the tallest point.


Pre-Great War

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Before the Great War, the Kingdom of Mistral adopted the Kingdom of Mantle's policy of abolishment of the arts and self-expression. However, the city itself maintained its cultural identity.

Haven Academy

Main article: Haven Academy

Haven Academy was founded by the King of Vale. It serves to train future Huntsmen and Huntresses and secretly guards one of the four ancient Relics.




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