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  • A war on bread now, apparently. Having bakers arrested for somehow contributing to a shortage caused by his regime not importing enough wheat or something?

    How's your family holding up?

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    • Ok, the rate prices are rising kinda reminds me of Weinmar Germany

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    • It's a hyperbole though. They don't rise literally every day.

      They rise every third of a week.

      It's not like every single seller rises their prices so horribly though. Some do drop them, and some do sell stuff cheap. They're just 1 in every 100.000. It also varies by state. Anything I say about prices, it's muuuuch bigger in better-developed cities and states. What is 3000 here is 5800 in other places.

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  • ...So we'll pester your here instead!

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    • 1. Yeah, but you definitely have to do it for a few areas just to get to her which shows the intent up to that point.

      2. Less justified and more reasoned to do it in the first place. The game goes out of its way to show you as the bad guy you are if you go down that route and make you feel guilty. And the innocent people thing is what separates Undertale from most other RPGs. Although they ain't 100% innocent as they try to attack you first generally (not without reason) up to a certain point wherein it becomes clearly more you than them.

      3. Except with Chara you have to do more than that, the point of her was to show you that there is a consequence. Just as you eventually wrenched control of the timeline from Flowey, so did Chara ruin your chance of ever having a happy ending if you chose genocide.

      By messing with the game files (the only way to get rid of her) you are going beyond the game to undo that message, that even as powerful as you or Flowey are there's still something there to punish you and rip that away.

      Edit: All things aside I'm glad you are enjoying it, though I'm sorry the portrayal and hype from different fans gave a different impression of how boring the Genocide path can be. If you think it's bad now it only gets worse in Hotland.

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    • MiniDaggers wrote:

      1-Although they ain't 100% innocent as they try to attack you first generally (not without reason) up to a certain point wherein it becomes clearly more you than them.

      2-By messing with the game files (the only way to get rid of her) you are going beyond the game to undo that message, that even as powerful as you or Flowey are there's still something there to punish you and rip that away.

      1-I recall reading somewhere that they don't want to kill you exactly, they just use magic as a form of expression....which just happens to be lethal to you. Considering how some monsters just want to, say, wash your feet with soap or show you their biceps.....

      Plus, a book in Snowdin basically mentions how your "Defense" and "Attack" is generally proportional to how much of a Sociopath and Sadist you are respectively. Most monsters go down in 1-2 hits and each hit they land on you deal little damage even at LV1, so it says something.

      2-Yay, I'm Gaster...

      3-I'm regretting nothing though. The Sans Battle (which I'm sure I'll have to repeat 3 times more than Undyne's) will be worth it all.

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  • I'm under the impression that you like "This is Bait" memes. I thought you might like this one.
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  • Noticed you mentioned it on one of your earlier blogs so I decided to give it a look. Currently viewing episode 5 which I think is the latest. Good shit, funny but interesting.

    I think there were better shots for avatar potential though. :P

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  • Is it just me, or did everyone's profile pics disappear?

    And why am I starting to see ads on the pages?

    And why does it say "My Account" instead of Inbox when I look at my wall? Even when it does show my inbox in the Recent Activity?

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  • soo, since you're the only guy I know that watches Gundam, why dun we just chat bout it? You Kay with it?

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  • I remember back on the OC thread, you asked me if any of the ships involving me involved Pyrrha. Why did you ask me that?

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  • Cakes are an amazing creation. I'm not sure if they were made by the greek or romans but whoever made it was a genius fueled by Divine Inspiration.

    My favorite are the Sponge Cakes. Especially the Tres Leches, and even more the Tres Leches Con Chocolate. They are soft, refreshing, and have an outstanding taste.

    And the liquid that kinda oozes off of it is tasty by itself, making the cake just as good to eat alongside other things that you could bathe in that liquid, like bread, or a cupcake, or a chocolate bar.

    .....Of course, in my country a single small slice of one costs around 4000+bsf at very best :/. But at least it is justified in it's case; every single ingredient is rare and/or expensive. Eggs, sugar, flour, and the milks used.

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    • by god that sounds amazing.

      if you guys are ever in the pacific northwestern united states; fined a Shari's cafe, regional chain, best pie ever. the sour cream lemon is fucking great.

      During i want to say summer they have a strawberry chocolate ganache pie that is impossibly delicious.

      really any of their pie is worth trying actually...

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    • It is. There's a chocolate pudding variety that uses crushed Oreos instead of chocolate chip cookies and a vanilla pudding verison that uses Nilla Wafers. Also one with pound cake and strawberries.

      And I'm not even getting into the sandwiches. We've got one called the Road Warrior with salami, pepperoni, ham, roast beef, two kinds of peppers, swiss cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, and red onions.

      Besides, I'm sure you guys'd be disappointed anyway. Those things have a 3 day shelf life, and by the time you got to them the cookies would probably have fused with the pudding givng off vague semi-sweet chocolate flavors everywhere.

      when I wake/sober up I can probably give soenm semblance ha of specifity and/pr advoce pm jow to make low level deserts.

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  • I'm so fucking done I want to go kill everyone I can right now. So fucking done I want to throw a grenade somewhere. So fucking done I'm not even in the mood to pretend anything.

    So, I waited, in line, since 6am all the way until 6pm, about 2 hours ago. I endured an outrageous sun that I'm pretty sure left marks. In a place that was full of hobo and dog urine. Standing, with only sitting on the (urined) floor ocasionally. Carrying 2 freaking heavy bags. All full of bills of 100bsf, which EVERYONE IN THE COUNTRY needed to deposit TODAY because starting tomorrow, said bills are going to be officially WORTHLESS, forbidden, not allowed in any way.

    Did I mention said bills of 100 are THE most common, and most used bill IN THE WHOLE COUNTRY? Of the total money of each person, in physical bills, about 90+% is 100bsf.

    The bank opened at 9:30am, and it took like 40 minutes for small groups of 2-4 people to enter. Not counting the assholes who just entered outright with huge bags to bribe the police officers guarding the entrance to the shopping center the bank was in.

    The bank closed at 3:30pm. There were about 30+ people before me, and twice as much behind me. No one was allowed to enter after that, to neither exchange the bills for ones still accepted, nor to deposit the money so it's not lost. We all literally lost all that money.

    Thousands, millions...both of my sisters lost literally 100% of their money, and while one had a low amount collected (3000bsf), she isn't even in college yet, so just getting a job was difficult, let alone earning that money. And I heard stories of people who almost killed themselves getting hundreds of thousands just so they could buy clothes for their kids. And then this happens.

    And the kicker? This was just in 1 bank, in 1 city of all of Venezuela. Just 1, of the small ones. This happened just as much in literally every other bank in every other city all over the country. Of the near-10 millions of habitants, only less than 8% managed to deposit at least some money.

    All this because our dear president is a fucking donkey with no balls, who thinks 72 hours is enough for THE WHOLE COUNTRY to do this. Even if the banks had worked from 8am to 10pm (like they should have), this was far from enough. Even a full week would not have been enough.

    So basically, literally 90+% of the total population of Venezuela just lost 90+% of their money. Just in time for Christmas. And this is a country that already had mass poverty, where hundreds of people every day made similarly-long lines just to get flour, milk, and bread at acceptable prices. My family narrowly avoided bankruptcy thanks to my father managing to deposit some of the money in my mother's bank account while on a job trip, but we still lost hundreds of thousands.

    Oh, but it is going to be prolonged for 10 days! ...In a single bank, at the fucking capital, when just traveling to a nearby city within the same state is worth an horrendous amount per person. And even if you go, so will ALL OF THE COUNTRY, which means "the same shit but worse". There's talks of an official, general prorrogation by El Presidente, but it's all a blind guess.

    The most interesting thing I saw was at 4-5pm when the people rightfully started rioting and almost knocked down the cage that locks the entrance to the bank. But after rioting for like 5 seconds, it all went back to cheap yelling even before the National Guard arrived. Yet so are Venezuelans, everytime someone yells "Let's wreak havoc!", they always think "but I'll let this guy do it first".

    Nicolas Maduro has always been a horrible president even by this country's standards, but this is a Class SS fuck up. He pretty much beheaded the entire general economy in just 3 days. If there's no coup by the end of the year, I'm done with this country. Then again, not hoping much, read above.

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    • Shame the rioters can't organize, stage an overnight coup.

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    • Or the Ukrainian route, barriade a chuck of the city, force the police out and advance street by street

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  • you are so annoying

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