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  • Found this thing by chance tonight.....I used it to kill some time, and the results are...weird but interesting. It's basically a super broad "OC Generator".

    You just write your name (or better said, write something, anything), and it gives a small, unspecific list of traits. I have no idea what are the standards for the results, but if I write X and have it "diagnosed" multiple times, they all give the same results.

    I tried it 3 times, once using my username, my real name, and my full real name. Results were weird.

    Using my username (exactly how it's written, no spaces or anything):

    Race: Human. (Duh)

    Kingdom of Birth: Vacuo. (Close enough)

    Looks: Black hair, blue eyes. (Yes and nope. Raven Hair FTW).

    School: Haven Academy. (I don't know how to feel about this part).

    Semblance: Mental Manipulation. (......I actually have a semi-pathological hate towards Mind Control, so I shouldn't have that).

    Weapon: Katana combined with a whip. (Eh, it's just a sword-whip....).

    Team Leader: Yes. ( 0/ )

    Alignment: Chaotic Good. (I'm not crazy)

    Crush/Friend/Enemy: Glynda Goodwitch (Eh....nah).

    Using my Real Name:

    Race: Faunus. (Eh....close enough? I think?)

    Kingdom of Birth: Mistral. (Venezuela isn't so two-faced.........or maybe it is? I can't tell anymore).

    Looks: Blonde hair, blue eyes. (As a matter of fact, I used to be blonde when I was a kid. Well, more like "Brunette with blonde tips". But somehow I lost the blondiness and now I'm Raven-Haired).

    School: Shade Academy. (Woohooo.....I'm at the Academy that trains the worst Huntsmen and Huntresses of Remnant).

    Semblance: Blood Manipulation (......I have never considered myself to be that edgy).

    Weapon: Tote bag combined with a stun gun. (What the hell is a tote bag? (Googles it) Ah, so that's what it HOW THE FUCK DO YOU COMBINE THAT WITH A TASER?!?!?!)

    Team Leader: No. ( ;__;)

    Alignment: Neutral Good. (That's more accurate...kind of)

    Crush/Friend/Enemy: Adam Taurus (........I don't think I hate or like Adam that much).

    Using my Full, Real Name:

    Race: Faunus. (There's something offensive about this categorization...)

    Kingdom of Birth: Vacuo. (Close enough)

    Looks: Auburn hair, blue eyes. (...But I have a soul...)

    School: Atlas Academy. (Eerily close enough).

    Semblance: Animal Manipulation (I like animals, but....not that much, I think).

    Weapon: Rapier combined with a bolt action sniper rifle. (How would I even wield that thing?!) (PS: Coincidences are freaky)

    Team Leader: Yes. ( O/ )

    Alignment: Lawful Evil. (I personally consider myself more on the lines of Lawful Neutral or True Neutral but ok...)

    Crush/Friend/Enemy: Coco Adel (I barely remember she exists more than I remember Scarlet and Sage's names...).

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    • I know. That's not what True Neutral means.

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    • Sentry 616 wrote:
      Phantomlink959 wrote:
      The FN P90 Is an absolutely amazing gun.
      Agreed. I could kind of see those P90 gauntlets working if you stripped the down to the basics.

      This is fun.

      Yeah, remove it from the frame and mount the functional components into the gauntlets; the top-loading magazine and bullpup configuration mean you could fit the full length barrel into a pair of gauntlets the same length as your arm pretty easily; with a little bit of overhand admittedly.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Finally managed to watch the first episode and OH MY GOD DEEZ FACES ARE GOLDEN.

    All this with just the 1st episode, and leaving out dozens of other faces.
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  • SomeoneYouUsedToKnow wrote:
    "Not too science-savvy" is irrelevant. It doesn't even need much thinking to know what would happen: You'd kill someone like that.

    Just to clarify, I should have worded that better. I was actually referring to my lack of understanding on the mechanics of intangibility in general. I assumed that there was some basic scientific principles that I didn't understand which judging from the first example you provided is true to a degree, and not "irrelevant" as you put it. I didn't understand a word of the first part of your in-depth explanation (i.e. the example of the closed box with water), so I just looked through the rest of yours and Ray's conversation and summed up that intangibility wasn't possible. 

    In short, it is important for someone to understand at least the basics of science, or at least mathematics - neither of which are my strong suit - to get the first part of your explanation. 

    I'm posting this to your message wall, so that it doesn't eat up thread space. Feel free to ignore this as I just felt the need to get this off of my chest. I agree with most of your argument, just not that particular part of it. 

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  • I know I'm not staff or anything, but after what just happened, I feel like somebody needs to do this. Could you please tone down the insults? Frankly it seems to be you're whole schtick. And I feel that it's been getting worse lately.

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  • Pretty sure it wasn't falling. It was just overun with shields down.

    If I'm mistaken, they missed a huge opportunity for hammering home the whole "hopeless" point.

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  • Alright, I haven't completely given up on you yet, so let me try one more tactic:

    Would you listen to evidence that Penny is coming back?

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    • SomeoneYouUsedToKnow wrote:
      Penny has multiple ways to "come back". The only real problem I have with the idea is the fact that her remains were in a colosseum multiple meters into the sky, that was infested with Grimm, and was falling.

      And in any case, if everything else fails, there's always the simplest method: Atlas makes another Penny.

      But in the end, there's 0 evidence that she "is" coming back. There's not even evidence that she can, only logical arguments to support it at the moment. Even if she did come back, it would be bullshit if she was exactly the same Penny.

      I'll take this as a 'no'. Oh well, no one can say I didn't try. She'll still come back, whether you believe in her or not.

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    • A no to which question?

      -About listening to evidence that Penny "is" coming back? Nothing says she is. All I'm saying is that unlike others, she can, even though all we have is theories. More precisely, she can come back without pissing off the fandom or invoking bad writing, due to her nature.

      The idea of Penny coming back has been discussed to hell and back, there's even an active thread around here about it. The main question in the end is not if she can, but the details regarding her revival ("Would she remember everything or not? would she have the same personality?" Things like that).

      -About not wanting to listen or believe anything, baseless or delusional or otherwise?

      Of course not. If there are no logical arguments behind it at all, no evidence, and literally goes against the facts stated by the very people who work on the show, I have no reason to listen to it.

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  • congratulations on hitting the post limit with that Meme... that was some inspired shit right there... still lmao.

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  • How is D&D generic, when "D&D's publication is commonly recognized as the beginning of modern role-playing games and the role-playing game industry." If anything, the games that copy it are generic.

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    • Ok in that case it's probably just not well known in South America

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    • SomeoneYouUsedToKnow wrote:
      GreyStark wrote:
      Maybe D&D is just exclusive to English speaking countries.
      ...Even the Japanese play DnD, Grey...

      But the Japanese have(or at least have had) multiple identity crises and western culture obsession phases... that's why so many Anime have European religions(or bastardized versions of an interpretation you can only recognize after looking through the lens of Japanese culture).

      Asian cultures probably came up with something similar before we did anyways... hell, Gygax made some of the creatures up based on little plastic monsters from Asia(I believe 2 of these were the Owl Bear and rust monster, though Idr with certainty)

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  • Seriously? ....I mean....just...why?

    Is there something I missed? Something I forgot?

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    • @Mini: Apparently she still is one.

      She has 0 edits of any sort there, which makes me wonder why it's listed among her Frequent Wikias.

      @Phantom: His conversations with Live were interesting for me, sometimes. Both felt like smartasses, but one felt "maturer-than-thou" while the other felt "I hate everything". Yet they found some equal ground.

      ....Of course, there's also his ditching of NEO, which is more outstanding for me.

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    • I completely forgot about that. Also, ugh, that wiki is blinding. It hurts my eyes. ;_;

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  • Hey, just wanted to ask if you could edit your last post on the OC thread to include the link for the new one.

    Here it is:

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    • Yeah, next time just ask the mods to use their 1984 powers to modify someone's post to include the link like Vedran did. Much quicker and simpler.

      Especially since my classes generally start around 12:00pm (15:00 here...about 3 hours earlier than the Wikia clock, IIRC) for me. I actually already left by the time you posted this.

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