aka SYUTK (See-U-Teh-Kah)

  • I live in Third Rock From the Sun
  • My occupation is College/Engineering Student, Avant Garde of the Grimm
  • I am Whatever you wish to be not.
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  • Out of curosity - do you think this weapon works?

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    • 1-....That sounds more like something a baseball player would use.

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    • 1. I would argue Stun Bations can be useful against Non Grimm foes but Grimm yeah Maybe - i will figure something out in terms of his semblence that fits him

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  • Can i ask you something - I decided to make an update to my old weapon Uaingonn . Removing the Dust Functionality (i decided it was unessecary and only surved to complicate things) but i made the four shotgun barells longer. I am wanting know where would the best place to put the trigger is (there has to be two triggers in order to fire one of the four shotguns in each side. Also the handle can fold into the weapon. Also the weapon operates under a break action system
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    • Keep in mind that was a 20mm gatling gun, and and it may have been more powerful than Matt and Kerry would have liked.

      Phantom, SYUTK, for reference Malcolm's original idea for the weapon was just a staff/stick with a double barreled shotgun attached at one end.

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    • Yeah but thinking back i think a Log weapon with a minigun fuction would be more pratical. Don't get me wrong i think that type of weapon can still work but in combat - it would fit the heavy hitter of the group more. Made alterations to the image.

      Question - Should the weapon have one Barrel or Two?


      Where should the trigger be placed?

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  • Sadly no opportunities to adress her violence, but here you go Someone.

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  • Va-11 Hall-a Vinyl  I know you like the game, so I thought I'd share some new about it with you.

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    • As far as I know, I don't. Though my family probably had one at some point, because we do have a bunch of vynils. They're huge.

      ....Well, I got no dollars anyway, so I can't buy it. And though the game's devs are Venezuelan, I'm not sure they would sell it here considering bsf. aren't worth shit. Besides, any bsf. I do have it's almost entirely spent on food and other important stuff.

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    • Sorry to make you sad.

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  • Take a closer look. 1004 Yellow Trailer 06019

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  • Found this thing by chance tonight.....I used it to kill some time, and the results are...weird but interesting. It's basically a super broad "OC Generator".

    You just write your name (or better said, write something, anything), and it gives a small, unspecific list of traits. I have no idea what are the standards for the results, but if I write X and have it "diagnosed" multiple times, they all give the same results.

    I tried it 3 times, once using my username, my real name, and my full real name. Results were weird.

    Using my username (exactly how it's written, no spaces or anything):

    Race: Human. (Duh)

    Kingdom of Birth: Vacuo. (Close enough)

    Looks: Black hair, blue eyes. (Yes and nope. Raven Hair FTW).

    School: Haven Academy. (I don't know how to feel about this part).

    Semblance: Mental Manipulation. (......I actually have a semi-pathological hate towards Mind Control, so I shouldn't have that).

    Weapon: Katana combined with a whip. (Eh, it's just a sword-whip....).

    Team Leader: Yes. ( 0/ )

    Alignment: Chaotic Good. (I'm not crazy)

    Crush/Friend/Enemy: Glynda Goodwitch (Eh....nah).

    Using my Real Name:

    Race: Faunus. (Eh....close enough? I think?)

    Kingdom of Birth: Mistral. (Venezuela isn't so two-faced.........or maybe it is? I can't tell anymore).

    Looks: Blonde hair, blue eyes. (As a matter of fact, I used to be blonde when I was a kid. Well, more like "Brunette with blonde tips". But somehow I lost the blondiness and now I'm Raven-Haired).

    School: Shade Academy. (Woohooo.....I'm at the Academy that trains the worst Huntsmen and Huntresses of Remnant).

    Semblance: Blood Manipulation (......I have never considered myself to be that edgy).

    Weapon: Tote bag combined with a stun gun. (What the hell is a tote bag? (Googles it) Ah, so that's what it HOW THE FUCK DO YOU COMBINE THAT WITH A TASER?!?!?!)

    Team Leader: No. ( ;__;)

    Alignment: Neutral Good. (That's more accurate...kind of)

    Crush/Friend/Enemy: Adam Taurus (........I don't think I hate or like Adam that much).

    Using my Full, Real Name:

    Race: Faunus. (There's something offensive about this categorization...)

    Kingdom of Birth: Vacuo. (Close enough)

    Looks: Auburn hair, blue eyes. (...But I have a soul...)

    School: Atlas Academy. (Eerily close enough).

    Semblance: Animal Manipulation (I like animals, but....not that much, I think).

    Weapon: Rapier combined with a bolt action sniper rifle. (How would I even wield that thing?!) (PS: Coincidences are freaky)

    Team Leader: Yes. ( O/ )

    Alignment: Lawful Evil. (I personally consider myself more on the lines of Lawful Neutral or True Neutral but ok...)

    Crush/Friend/Enemy: Coco Adel (I barely remember she exists more than I remember Scarlet and Sage's names...).

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    • Arkantos95 wrote:
      I have never understood people acting like others are cunts for performing charitable acts simply because of their motivations, especially rich people. Like, regardless of why they're performing acts of charity they're still doing them.

      I'm only characterizing his intent because that is what we are talking about when discussing alignment, intent matters because without intent you are talking about a purely circumstance/result interaction, with no regards to the character of the person involved at all

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    • Phantomlink959 wrote:
      Your perspective on his actions may well be based on what news source you get informatin from.


      I'm only talking about his own words as he releases them to the press. I don't really listen to the actuall commentary about his words in broadcasts aside from fact-checking

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  • Finally managed to watch the first episode and OH MY GOD DEEZ FACES ARE GOLDEN.

    All this with just the 1st episode, and leaving out dozens of other faces.
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  • SomeoneYouUsedToKnow wrote:
    "Not too science-savvy" is irrelevant. It doesn't even need much thinking to know what would happen: You'd kill someone like that.

    Just to clarify, I should have worded that better. I was actually referring to my lack of understanding on the mechanics of intangibility in general. I assumed that there was some basic scientific principles that I didn't understand which judging from the first example you provided is true to a degree, and not "irrelevant" as you put it. I didn't understand a word of the first part of your in-depth explanation (i.e. the example of the closed box with water), so I just looked through the rest of yours and Ray's conversation and summed up that intangibility wasn't possible. 

    In short, it is important for someone to understand at least the basics of science, or at least mathematics - neither of which are my strong suit - to get the first part of your explanation. 

    I'm posting this to your message wall, so that it doesn't eat up thread space. Feel free to ignore this as I just felt the need to get this off of my chest. I agree with most of your argument, just not that particular part of it. 

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  • I know I'm not staff or anything, but after what just happened, I feel like somebody needs to do this. Could you please tone down the insults? Frankly it seems to be you're whole schtick. And I feel that it's been getting worse lately.

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  • Pretty sure it wasn't falling. It was just overun with shields down.

    If I'm mistaken, they missed a huge opportunity for hammering home the whole "hopeless" point.

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