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  • How is D&D generic, when "D&D's publication is commonly recognized as the beginning of modern role-playing games and the role-playing game industry." If anything, the games that copy it are generic.

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    • Probably proud they inspired literally millions of people to start making their own versions?

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    • DnD is tons of fun. You know what the best part about DnD is? Playing it your way.

      My family doesn't play the premade campaigns, we either make our own or just go adventuring for the hell of it and see where we end up. We've killed gods, done somersaults off the noses of dragons, conquered entire kingdoms with our undead armies, and it's just pure fun.

      It's enjoyable to leave your character's life to the roll of a dice. The excitement when you confirm that critical hit (x3 damage on war axes, woo! Barbarians doing 100DMG at level 10 easily with the right spell buffs), the feeling when you failed that crucial Fort save and your party has to race to save you.

      DnD is only generic if you let it be generic and refuse to try anything new. If you stick by the scripted story of the mass produced campaigns that are released in the Dragon Magazine, and never go off the rails and explore somewhere else. If you make the same character over and over again, and never try a new class or build.

      For someone who never played it, you seem to have quite the opinion on DnD, Someone. And I wonder how valuable that opinion actually is when you admitted yourself, you haven't played it. I'm guessing not very.

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  • Seriously? ....I mean....just...why?

    Is there something I missed? Something I forgot?

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    • @Mini: Apparently she still is one.

      She has 0 edits of any sort there, which makes me wonder why it's listed among her Frequent Wikias.

      @Phantom: His conversations with Live were interesting for me, sometimes. Both felt like smartasses, but one felt "maturer-than-thou" while the other felt "I hate everything". Yet they found some equal ground.

      ....Of course, there's also his ditching of NEO, which is more outstanding for me.

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    • I completely forgot about that. Also, ugh, that wiki is blinding. It hurts my eyes. ;_;

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  • Hey, just wanted to ask if you could edit your last post on the OC thread to include the link for the new one.

    Here it is:

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    • Yeah, next time just ask the mods to use their 1984 powers to modify someone's post to include the link like Vedran did. Much quicker and simpler.

      Especially since my classes generally start around 12:00pm (15:00 here...about 3 hours earlier than the Wikia clock, IIRC) for me. I actually already left by the time you posted this.

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  • I expect you to confrim, deny, qualify, or challenge the accuracy of these two videos.

    Accents here.

    Venezuelans here.

    By the way, I heard some people died in some student protests over in Venezuela?

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    • First video:

      She's absolutely right about Argentina's accent. But on top of that, Argentinians talk like gattling guns. So fast, and with a vocabulary too similar to Spain's, that I just cannot understand what they're saying most of the time.

      As for Venezuela, she's right and wrong. Some do sound like that, but we have a variety of accents ourselves. One thing she forgot though is that we love:

      1-Replacing every R with an L or vice versa as if we were drunk japanese. How much varies by region, though some just can't say things like "Profesor" or "Por Que", they have to say "Profesol" or "Polque".

      2-Skipping letters, syllables or excising out sections of words to unnecesarily shorten them. "Para Adelante" > "Pa'lante", for example. Or "Ingle" instead of Ingles.

      Also Maracuchos are incapable of speaking without screaming. It feels almost pathological.

      Second video:

      1-Well, no one here has ever confused Venezuela with Minnesota, so......

      2-Yes, we curse a damn lot. Yes, we are pretty artistic with it. Yes, Vaina is the most versatile thing in the word.

      3-Yes, What'sapp is too used. Overused. You know how it feels to receive more than 30 WA messages every 3 minutes that are nothing but goddamn spam about overpriced food, whining, and generic "feel-good" and "God is Awesome" messages?

      In the past, it used to be Blackberry Messenger, because everyone had it. Now it's What's app. Nothing has changed.

      4-FUCKING YES WE DO. Someone got shot? Can't buy food? Crime is over the roof? All commented as casually as if we were talking about the weather.

      5-Unless you're like me and act like a street cat to everyone you meet, yes, we speak friendly to strangers more often than not.

      6-HA! But yeah, they are sacred. Especially now that they are harder to make and most people have to resort to the ever-practical Arepa.

      Now, there are other kinds of tequeños that are bigger and crunchier, but those are not sacred, they don't even compare. depends, actually. You see, he was severely hated because he was blamed for everything (not always his fault, though some things indeed were). BUT, the Chavistas cover at least 1/3 of the entire population, or at least they did half a decade ago. And even today they are in a fair amount.

      So most people talk shit of him as if he was the Devil himself, but the contrary is still very common.

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    • PisceanWaterbender wrote:

      By the way, I heard some people died in some student protests over in Venezuela?

      I heard about some protests, but not about people dying (not that I paid much attention to the conversations though). But given what has been going on recently, it doesn't surprise me.

      What I mean by that is that multiple, young, people have been found carrying weapons. And I do not mean handguns. Kids below 16 years old have been found in possession of rifles, and have even killed some people with them.

      I also heard that the government was going to forcefully recruit them into the FANB if they found anyone under 18 past 6 or 7pm and/or showing "suspicious behavior". Not sure if they actually went through with it however, I don't go out late and I don't do such things.

      So, given students can easily find guns, apparently, people dying during a student protest doesn't sound too strange. Some hormone-addled moron going crazy, or a bunch of hormone-addled morons thinking that they no one will do anything if they suddenly remove the PACIFIC part of "pacific protest", isn't hard to believe. The government allows protests, but not riots.

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  • A war on bread now, apparently. Having bakers arrested for somehow contributing to a shortage caused by his regime not importing enough wheat or something?

    How's your family holding up?

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    • Ok, the rate prices are rising kinda reminds me of Weinmar Germany

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    • It's a hyperbole though. They don't rise literally every day.

      They rise every third of a week.

      It's not like every single seller rises their prices so horribly though. Some do drop them, and some do sell stuff cheap. They're just 1 in every 100.000. It also varies by state. Anything I say about prices, it's muuuuch bigger in better-developed cities and states. What is 3000 here is 5800 in other places.

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  • ...So we'll pester your here instead!

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    • 1. Yeah, but you definitely have to do it for a few areas just to get to her which shows the intent up to that point.

      2. Less justified and more reasoned to do it in the first place. The game goes out of its way to show you as the bad guy you are if you go down that route and make you feel guilty. And the innocent people thing is what separates Undertale from most other RPGs. Although they ain't 100% innocent as they try to attack you first generally (not without reason) up to a certain point wherein it becomes clearly more you than them.

      3. Except with Chara you have to do more than that, the point of her was to show you that there is a consequence. Just as you eventually wrenched control of the timeline from Flowey, so did Chara ruin your chance of ever having a happy ending if you chose genocide.

      By messing with the game files (the only way to get rid of her) you are going beyond the game to undo that message, that even as powerful as you or Flowey are there's still something there to punish you and rip that away.

      Edit: All things aside I'm glad you are enjoying it, though I'm sorry the portrayal and hype from different fans gave a different impression of how boring the Genocide path can be. If you think it's bad now it only gets worse in Hotland.

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    • MiniDaggers wrote:

      1-Although they ain't 100% innocent as they try to attack you first generally (not without reason) up to a certain point wherein it becomes clearly more you than them.

      2-By messing with the game files (the only way to get rid of her) you are going beyond the game to undo that message, that even as powerful as you or Flowey are there's still something there to punish you and rip that away.

      1-I recall reading somewhere that they don't want to kill you exactly, they just use magic as a form of expression....which just happens to be lethal to you. Considering how some monsters just want to, say, wash your feet with soap or show you their biceps.....

      Plus, a book in Snowdin basically mentions how your "Defense" and "Attack" is generally proportional to how much of a Sociopath and Sadist you are respectively. Most monsters go down in 1-2 hits and each hit they land on you deal little damage even at LV1, so it says something.

      2-Yay, I'm Gaster...

      3-I'm regretting nothing though. The Sans Battle (which I'm sure I'll have to repeat 3 times more than Undyne's) will be worth it all.

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  • I'm under the impression that you like "This is Bait" memes. I thought you might like this one.
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  • Noticed you mentioned it on one of your earlier blogs so I decided to give it a look. Currently viewing episode 5 which I think is the latest. Good shit, funny but interesting.

    I think there were better shots for avatar potential though. :P

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  • Is it just me, or did everyone's profile pics disappear?

    And why am I starting to see ads on the pages?

    And why does it say "My Account" instead of Inbox when I look at my wall? Even when it does show my inbox in the Recent Activity?

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  • soo, since you're the only guy I know that watches Gundam, why dun we just chat bout it? You Kay with it?

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