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  • On June 2nd you were told that you were under suspicion for image badge hunting after you repeatedly ignored warnings to stop splitting galleries.

    You were then given a second warning on June 14th for image-spamming the wiki.

    On June 15th you received a final warning for multiple issues, including not listening to what staff has told you.

    On June 20th you were blocked one day for disregarding staff asking you to wait for consultation.

    On August 11th you were blocked for three days for disregarding staff in a way that resulting in pirated content being added to the wiki.

    2 days ago you were told, specifically, to add only three screenshots of the new BBCTB video. You added 13.

    As this ties into both the image badge hunting suspicion and disregarding staff, another block is warranted based on escalation.

    But, honestly, we're tired of this, Azure. We keep ending up back here. Is anything going to change if we block you for a week, which is the next step?

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  • You have been blocked for 3 days for once again ignoring staff. For the RWBY the Session page, you were told to simply write a one paragraph summary of what happens in the first chapter. Instead, you decided to add the entirety of the chapter itself, thus going against what was requested of you. You stated that you did this because you are not very skilled at writing summaries. It would have been preferable if you had said that up front and asked whether or not it would be okay to simply add the chapter itself.

    We don't want to include the full chapters because the book is meant for purchase, so if we put the chapters on the wiki, where they could be read for free, that would count as piracy.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I don't think season 1's transitions were really "redone"/"remade" for season 2, and even if they were, they still look exactly the same with the same exact animations and background effects, so there's really no reason to make extra gifs of them.

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  • Azure,

    You have been blocked for 1 day. The reason behind this specifically is adding information to the RWBY Manga Anthology page without waiting for staff to be able to verify it, despite being advised multiple times to wait.

    A deeper reason is that your continued impatience to contribute to the wiki often result in detrimental edits. This goes as far back as the warning that was issued to you in December about immediately jumping onto articles once the spoiler policy was up and adding poorly written information due to your weak English skills that creates extra work for the staff.

    You are a great contributer, eager and resourceful, with some history of mistakes in the resources you trust. We are not trying to discourage you from contributing. We simply would like it if you waited to make sure what you are adding is helpful and to do your best to listen and communicate.

    Thank you, Azure, and I am sorry. HazelQuill7445 (talk) 18:02, June 20, 2017 (UTC)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Azure, considering how often staff has had to warn you about detrimental edits to the wiki the last couple weeks and the fact that you acknowledge them but continue the behavior, it's been decided to give you one last official warning.

    You will get blocked accordingly if you

    • make major changes without seeking permission
    • add images to the wiki without a valid source
    • ignore another staff message and do what you want anyway.
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  • Azure, I'm going to have to call an all-stop to you adding images to articles.

    Fan art, even by artists who participate in an anthology, is not permitted on the wiki unless it is part of something Rooster Teeth official.

    You've been adding art after art after art, not linking sources, and pretty much image-spamming the wiki. I need to ask you to stop.

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  • I'm curious where the concept art you found on Tumblr came from exactly. Any idea? What blog(s) did you find them on? I checked through Shirow's Twitter, and he hadn't posted them there (though I did find a couple images we missed).

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  • After repeatedly ignoring unofficial requests to cease the creation of new gallery pages without prior consultation, the staff has determined it best to issue a warning.

    This also, unfortunately, has raised suspicions about badge hunting, a factor which will be considered when watching your activity moving forward

    Future failure to discuss the creation of new pages in advance may result in a block.

    Phantomlink959 (talk) Crankiest of RWBY rollbacks 18:29, June 2, 2017 (UTC)

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  • The efforts you put into improving the wiki are greatly appreciated, but it may be wise to discuss making significant changes before going through with them. While often helpful or good ideas, some of the edits you have made weren't as well planned as they could be, so open discussion about how to do things would be beneficial.

    This isn't any sort of offficial statement, just thought I'd give you some friendly advice to help ensure the time you put into improving the wiki live up to their full potential.

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  • I talked it over with Chish, the Sun pages are good since he'll absolutely be back in future volumes, but as it stands Penny might not be; so we're probably going to restore her gallery to how it was before.



    PS; we can discuss formatting and such as well, as one of the other rollbacks noted you didn't follow it quite right.

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