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  • Hello, I just posted a reply to the Weapons forms, I can't see it and am just wondering if it's there and I didn't delete it by mistake 

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  • Welcome ladies and gentiles. For those just joining us, this thread-wall is about our fanfic idea, where Pyrrha Nikos, after dying in V3, finds herself in Dark Souls III. It'd have probably better if she just died huh? On with the show.

    Arkantos95 wrote: I guess since it's an AU at least her shield could be brought back intact, but yeah, Miló is in pieces either way. Plus I kinda want to keep the gun out of the mix.

    Now a really important element that ties into every Souls fic: should she die over and over again, or only have one life?

    Also we should maybe take this over to my message wall. Taking up a good bit of space in the thread.

    I think she's too much of a fish out of water to warrant a no deaths run. Plus she won't have her semblance.

    Something I added to my last comment: I imagined her panicking upon waking up in the coffin, thinking they buried her when she was still alive. Also maybe the Handmaiden (old woman) and the fire keeper can explain being undead, as well as show her her Darksign.

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