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  • Did you seriously post that scene from Ito Junji's Glyceride on the Discord chat........?

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  • you do know 2 edits on the same page can be seen as a "edit war". the mods don't like it. they seem to like it if its talked out in the chat part of the pages.

    as seid in my (and kind of hinted by devil) your edits not really needed. also you never said anything with your first edit. maybe next time say why a edits happing :D

    there's 2 ways to go with this:

    1. edit every beacon students and teachers page to have that "is a former attendee of Beacon Academy"

    2. remove it from the CRDL pages

    for me, no.2 seems easier and less spamy

    this is just a heads up

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    Arkantos95 closed this thread because:
    Discussion's over.
    02:04, July 3, 2017
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    • When I said we didn't do it for the other pages, I didn't just mean Beacon students. I looked at all the character pages of students. Admittedly, I missed that JNPR had it, but I also looked at SSSN's page as well as that of various other characters from the Vytal Festival arc. Minor characters did have it mentioned down in the history section of their pages, but major characters have their own separate page for affiliations where their school is mentioned.

      However, it does seem RWBY did mention they were Beacon students in the intro of their main page, only further in the intro in a way that didn't make it the first thing said about the character nor awkwardly worded as it is now that you have gone and pushed it on some of the pages that didn't do it. Now the intros for RWBY team members say it twice.

      The fact their school was mentioned on all the team pages is also why it seemed redundant to me. As I see it, the characters being students is not really all that important and thus not really worthy of being the first thing said about them. By contrast, formal Teams are essentially a school-specific thing so it warrants mentioning right at the start. Since the Team pages are linked right at the start, it also seemed reasonable to have that speak to it on its own.

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    • Okay, you know what, just do whatever you want, I just don't care anymore. I was about on the end of my rope for it yesterday, and I'm really not in the mood to have one of these "24 hour response" conversations with you.

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  • Continued from the previous Dev Thread

    WC-83: I'm thinking of adding the most recent of AC's cover sketches in the next update as the cover, since he hasn't responded with the finished product in awhile, what do you think?

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    • Arkantos95 wrote:
      Shit's getting rough for her this chapter. Like, even more so than is normal for this fic.

      As it should be...

      Glad I got to this point though, was planning to do that ending for awhile.

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      • Checks on TvTropes and there's no article for the fic*
      Me: Awww...
      Friday 13th sad
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  • hello their i found the NEO....IS RUBYS SISTER when I was looking for a possinle theory that i have that neo is pyrrha's little sister, however the link said neo and sister, didnt notice the ruby part.


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  • Hello, I just posted a reply to the Weapons forms, I can't see it and am just wondering if it's there and I didn't delete it by mistake 

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  • Welcome ladies and gentiles. For those just joining us, this thread-wall is about our fanfic idea, where Pyrrha Nikos, after dying in V3, finds herself in Dark Souls III. It'd have probably better if she just died huh? On with the show.

    Arkantos95 wrote: I guess since it's an AU at least her shield could be brought back intact, but yeah, Miló is in pieces either way. Plus I kinda want to keep the gun out of the mix.

    Now a really important element that ties into every Souls fic: should she die over and over again, or only have one life?

    Also we should maybe take this over to my message wall. Taking up a good bit of space in the thread.

    I think she's too much of a fish out of water to warrant a no deaths run. Plus she won't have her semblance.

    Something I added to my last comment: I imagined her panicking upon waking up in the coffin, thinking they buried her when she was still alive. Also maybe the Handmaiden (old woman) and the fire keeper can explain being undead, as well as show her her Darksign.

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