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I don't know, Miltia, but we should teach her a lesson.
—Melanie, in response to Miltia Malachite's question


Junior's ClubEdit

Melanie is a member of Junior Xiong's henchmen, possibly acting as one of his bodyguards.

Junior's ClubEdit

Miltia MalachiteEdit

Miltia is Melanie's twin sister. They share a close relationship and are always seen with each other. In battle, they sync their movements and strikes to creating a flowing tag team combo.


Junior is Melanie's superior. It is implied that Melanie, along with Miltia, is Junior's bodyguard as she is seen to follow him. Her loyalty is not as strong as her sister's, only reluctantly following. They both defend his club when Junior is attacked by Yang Xiao Long.

Team RWBYEdit

Yang Xiao LongEdit

Melanie fought and was defeated by Yang in the "Yellow" Trailer.

Minor Characters

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