I'm helping her for the same reason you are - I'm afraid. We...we can't stop one can...
—Leonardo Lionheart to Raven on why he's aiding Salem

Professor Leonardo Lionheart is the headmaster of Haven Academy. He is a member of Ozpin's Group, but his allegiance is in question. In "The Next Step", Salem referred to Lionheart as an informant for her organization, and in "No Safe Haven", he is seen meeting with Arthur Watts.


Lionheart is a middle-aged man with a mane of tan/gray hair and a beard. He has a tanned complexion with brown eyebrows and dark brown eyes.

He wears a brown great coat with a matching mantle, which has cross emblems on each side. He also wears a white dress shirt under his coat, a western neck tie and carries a pocket watch. Lionheart also wears dark brown slacks and dress shoes.

It is revealed in "The More the Merrier" that he is a lion Faunus, possessing a tufted lion's tail the same color as his hair and beard.


On the surface Leonardo Lionheart demonstrates a rather polite and jovial persona, genuinely coming off as a well-meaning and companionate man.

He is also shown to be easily startled and seems to be somewhat timid. Despite this, he is willing to argue with people like Qrow Branwen and seems unafraid to speak his mind to his fellow huntsman. Lionheart also shown to be less impulsive than Qrow, suggesting they wait and figure out a better way to retrieve the Spring Maiden from Raven Branwen, rather than immediately head out to fight the Branwen Tribe and get to her.

However, in front of Salem, he reveals himself to be cowardly, acting subservient and submissive to her and is clearly frightened of her. Away from her, Lionheart is ashamed of what he has done in her name and strongly feels Ozpin should not forgive him.

Leonardo, despite his apparent self-loathing for his actions, has a tendency to rationalize his choices in a vain effort to ease his own conscience.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Lionheart is armed with a Dust-loaded disk-shaped weapon strapped to his wrist from which he can launch conjured Dust projectiles.


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