For the episode of the same name, see Kuroyuri (episode).

Kuroyuri was a village on the continent of Anima. It was the hometown of Lie Ren and where he first met Nora Valkyrie, who was just a homeless child back then. Kuroyuri was destroyed after a group of Grimm attacked the village, among them was a Nuckelavee. Ren's parents, Li Ren and An Ren, were killed during the attack.

The town included canals, stores, a market place and a large cherry blossom tree.

Years later, Ruby Rose and Jaune Arc enter the town carrying a debilitated Qrow Branwen in search of medicine to heal him, only to find it completely abandoned and empty. Ren and Nora split with the group in order to avoid visiting the village. At some point, a Nuckelavee resided in a cave overlooking the village, and at the end of the episode "Kuroyuri", it is seen heading toward the village.

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Kuroyuri village symbol

The symbol of Kuroyuri village


  • "Kuroyuri" is the Romanized spelling of the Japanese name for Fritillaria camschatcensis. It means "love" or "curse" in the Japanese language of flowers.[1]
    • It also directly translates to black lily,[2] which is the town's symbol.