Ah, there's my happy little snowflake.
—Klein Sieben showing affection for Weiss Schnee.

Klein Sieben is the Schnee family's butler. His first appearance is in "The Next Step", where he informs Weiss Schnee that her father wishes to speak with her. Later, in "Remembrance" he cheers up Weiss after she is left unhappy from her conversation with her father, offering her a coffee and mocking her father. He comes running, worried, when a window explodes in her room during "Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back" and promptly shows pride when he realizes that she successfully summoned the Arma Gigas. In "Taking Control", Klein helps Weiss escape the Schnee manor through a secret passage in the library.


Klein Sieben is a slightly overweight man with balding brown hair and a large mustache. He typically has light brown eyes, but appears to have the ability to change their color temporarily to red, light blue and yellow, accompanied by changes in tone of voice.


Klein is a positive and jovial man. He is quite supportive of Weiss, cheering her up whenever possible. Klein also mocks Jacques out of his earshot to entertain Weiss. When he changes his eye color, his tone of voice and personality appear to alter slightly, ranging from sardonic to jovial in a matter of seconds.

His loyalty to Weiss reveals his ability to be deceptive. Apart from mocking his employer behind his back in order to cheer up Weiss, he helps her escape while ostensibly going about his usual duties as the family's butler.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Klein possesses the power to change the color of his eyes temporarily. When he does so, his tone of voice alters as well, along with shifts in personality, although this may be intentional on his part.

He also performs kitchen duties in addition to being a butler, having prepared crepes for the Schnee family prior the events of "Remembrance", as well as making coffee for Weiss. Both Whitley and Weiss expressed appreciation for Klein's skills.


  • International Klein Blue is a shade of blue developed by French artist Yves Klein and trademarked in 1957.[1]
    • The literal translation for Klein Sieben, from German to English, is small seven, which references the Seven Dwarves, from the tale of Snow White and keeps with the German language theme of the Schnee family.
    • Klein is also a Dutch word meaning small or little, further following the theme of the Seven Dwarves.
  • Klein's shifts in personality seem to also reference the seven dwarves (So far):
    • Light-brown (Doc)
    • Red (Grumpy)
    • Light Blue (Sneezy)
    • Yellow (Happy).


  1. Sophie Howarth, "'IKB 79', Yves Klein". [1]
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