Kali Belladonna is a cat Faunus from Menagerie, and she is Blake Belladonna's mother. She is first seen in "Menagerie" answering the door and giving her daughter a heartwarming embrace.


As a cat Faunus with black hair and yellow eyes, Kali has several physical features in common with her daughter. She has short hair and three gold piercings on her cat ears - two on her right, one on her left. She wears a black hakama and sandals with white tabi socks. Over her outfit, she wears a black shrug with a long right sleeve and a short left sleeve with gold leaf trim along the opening on the front. On both arms, she wears long, black arm warmers that extend to the middle finger. The left one has a purple band tied around the top and a pair of gold bangles around the wrist. Around her waist is a black and gold sash that trails behind her, with a gold flower-shaped buckle at the end.


Kali is a friendly and kind woman who loves her husband and daughter deeply. She is shown to be a very supportive mother toward Blake. She is also very compassionate, for she is distressed by the attack on Vale despite her belief in its imperfections. Kali enjoys socializing, as suggested in "A Much Needed Talk" when she contrasts Blake's quiet nature to Sun's sociability, the latter of whom she wants to hear more about Team RWBY from.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Her abilities are as yet unknown.


  • Kali is Sanskrit for "black".
  • Kali shares her color scheme with her daughter, Blake.
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