Torchwick hired my boys, and I guess he wasn't happy with them. Which is something I can relate to!
—Junior, explaining his relationship with Roman Torchwick to Yang Xiao Long

Hei Xiong,[1] more commonly known by his nickname Junior, is a character introduced in the "Yellow" Trailer, as its main antagonist. He makes his first proper appearance in the series in "Painting the Town...", giving what information he knows about Roman Torchwick to Yang Xiao Long and Neptune Vasilias.

In the "Yellow" Trailer, he is briefly interrogated by Yang for information about Raven Branwen. His weapon of choice is a missile launcher that fires several homing missiles. It also doubles as a large club.

Junior likely owns, or at least manages, a club and has several henchmen, including Melanie and Miltia Malachite.


Junior wears a black vest over a white dress shirt, a red tie, black gloves and black dress pants. He has gray eyes, short black hair, along with a matching beard and mustache. Junior is also exceptionally tall, standing a full head over Yang and the twins.

Sometimes, Junior can be seen wearing red-tinted glasses identical to the ones worn by his henchmen.


Junior has a somewhat brutish personality, not liking to be pushed around and picking on others. However he tends to hide behind his henchmen unless forced into a fight himself. He is also somewhat dull or gullible, as he easily fell for Yang's offer to "kiss and make up" before being punched in the face.

Junior also appears to get intimidated easily, as seen with Yang following her return to the club in "Painting the Town..." due to a previous encounter. Junior even has a resentment for his own men, as he is seemingly regularly disappointed by their failures.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Junior is a decently skilled fighter, and displays a great deal of strength while fighting Yang. Even while defending with Ember Celica, he has the capacity to overpower her with his weapon, which none of his henchmen could. His durability is also noteworthy, withstanding numerous punches that incapacitated his henchmen in a single hit.

In terms of ability, Junior is also noteworthy out of combat. He appears to be a form of information broker, and according to Yang, he supposedly knows everything in Vale.


  • Junior alludes to the littlest of the three bears in the fairy tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and possibly the bear from "Snow White and Rose Red".
    • His first name, Hēi (黑), is Chinese for "black", and his last name, Xióng (熊), means "bear". Together, his first and last names mean "Black Bear". His nickname "Junior" pulls everything together to point to his character allusion.
    • In the German fairy tale "Snow White and Rose Red", the titular characters found a bear and befriended it: respectively, Melanie and Miltiades work as his bodyguards.
  • Junior's nickname for Yang, "Blondie", is a reference to Barbara Dunkelman's old Rooster Teeth username, Twitter handle and current Xbox Gamertag, "BlawnD".
  • Junior was originally to be voiced by Gavin Free. Gavin actually did record his lines for the "Yellow" Trailer, but they were left unused as it was felt that he would be better suited to another role, and Jack Pattillo's voice was used instead.[2]


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