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Jaune Arc


YellowColor Jaune Arc
NoraColor Nora Valkyrie
PyrrhaColor Pyrrha Nikos
RenColor Lie Ren


Beacon Academy

JNPR (pronounced "Juniper") is a team of students from Beacon Academy. In "Players and Pieces", the team had its first fight together against a Death Stalker. Later in the same episode, the team was officially formed. During initiation, the team brought back the White Rook pieces.

After the death of team member Pyrrha Nikos in "End of the Beginning", the three remaining members continue to work together, along with Ruby Rose, the former team leader of the broken-up Team RWBY (also known as Team RNJR).


Jaune Arc is the leader of Team JNPR.
Nora Valkyrie is a member of Team JNPR.
Pyrrha Nikos was formerly a member of Team JNPR.
Lie Ren is a member of Team JNPR.

Team Attacks Edit

  • Flower Power (Nora + Ren) - The specifics are not known, but it is named as such because, as Jaune describes it, "Ren brings the flower, Nora brings the power."
  • Arkos (Jaune + Pyrrha) - Described as "that thing, when we take our shields...?" by Jaune. The name is a portmanteau of the pair's last names, Arc and Nikos.


  • The members of Team JNPR allude to characters who are said to have disguised themselves as the opposite gender in their original stories.[1]
  • JNPR (Juniper berries, blue) is a possible allusion to Rooster Teeth's other series, Red vs. Blue, when compared to their rival Team RWBY (Ruby, red gemstone).
    • Juniper bushes are also known to turn bright yellow, which helps to explain its connection to leader Jaune (as with Ruby to RWBY, Cardin to CRDL, and Coco to CFVY).
  • Team JNPR's members' fighting styles are based on archetypical warriors from a different culture: Jaune's is Frankish/Norman, Pyrrha's is Greco-Roman, Ren's is East Asian, and Nora's is Nordic.
  • Team JNPR is the only group to be made up of names that each lends itself phonetically to the team name: Jaune, No(ra), Pyrrha or Pyr(rha), Ren.
  • On November 6th, 2014, Monty Oum discovered that he was allergic to juniper.[2]
  • The group of Ruby, Nora, Jaune and Ren is internally known as Team RNJR (pronounced "Ranger") by the production crew of RWBY, but this term has yet to be actually used in the show.
  • On The Staff Of Charon during Red Vs Blue Season 13 Episode 6, Team JNPR is one of the names scrolling on Hargorves screen, along with RWBY.


Minor Characters

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