Episode 11 - "No Brakes"

  1. Animation - From 1:35 to 1:39, when Roman Torchwick launches the hook of Melodic Cudgel at Ruby Rose, it is shot with the hook cupping upwards. It is shown with the hook cupping downwards as it flies towards Ruby.
  2. Animation - At 10:03, Roman could be seen about in the middle of the car way after he got blown by Blake Belladonna's fire shadow. However, at 10:09 after he fires at Blake's stone shadow, Roman is nowhere to be seen.
  3. Model - When the three girls are fighting the White Fang on top of the train, Blake has Gambol Shroud drawn, then suddenly has it on her back, then has it drawn again.
  4. Model - In the two shots from 11:42 to 11:45, the bottom part of Neopolitan's jacket is missing.
  5. Animation - When Raven unsheathes her sword, it passes through the side of her body right before she points it towards Neo.

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