Episode 12 - "Breach"

  1. At 2:55 to 3:00, when Yang Xiao Long jumps into the air, parts of Vale are missing.
  2. Model - At 4:26, a part of Vale can be seen that was not there prior.
  3. Animation - At 4:54, Blake Belladonna has two copies of Gambol Shroud.
  4. Animation - At 5:55 Emerald Sustrai has two sets of her weapons.
  5. Animation - At 6:28, one constraint cube can be seen.
  6. Animation - At 7:03, two constraint cubes can be seen.
  7. Animation - At 8:23 and 9:07, Glynda Goodwitch has two copies of her crop.
  8. Model - The sides of Velvet's box are rotated the wrong way.

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