Episode 7 - "Beginning of the End"

  1. At one point the arrow in Amber moved from her upper back to her lower back and then disappeared when Cinder Fall took her powers.
  2. At 12:37, Adam Taurus exits the tent and draws his sword, holding onto the sheath as he does so. At 12:39, his sheath is missing from his left hand before returning at 12:49.
  3. Model - At 13:35, Ember Celica is in active form, when in the previous episode it was on inactive form.
  4. Emerald states that using her Semblance to trick two people gives her quite the headache, but in order for the whole incident between Yang and Mercury to have played out to their liking, she should have used her Semblance to trick the whole stadium, which consisted of everyone who was watching their fight. This was supposed to make Emerald pass out as shown in Haven's Fate after she uses it on only nine people, but instead she merely gets a headache.

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