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These pages point out most major, and some minor, inconsistencies and mistakes made in RWBY.

Only things that are 100% definite will be added; anything with the least bit of uncertainty will be removed until it is clarified. Inconsistencies currently include: Animation, Models, Leftover Rendering, Dialogue and Text. Clipping issues are not considered inconsistencies.

Inconsistencies may not be included if the subject matter has not been explained well enough to judge. Evidence must be presented. Evidence includes pictures, audio clips, and videos. Evidence must not be edited. Allowed edits in pictures are lines or arrows or some sort of indication about where the inconsistency is.

If any inconsistencies have been fixed, please write that it has been fixed, and provide evidence.


Episode 2 - "The Shining Beacon"Edit

  1. Model - Shortly after Ruby Rose's Chibi moment, she pulls out Crescent Rose, but when she does, a duplicate is also still sheathed on her back. (This was later fixed on the YouTube version of the episode.)


Volume 1Edit

Volume 2Edit


  • There are several recurring issues throughout episodes, such as:
    • The placement of weapons such as Crescent Rose and Ember Celica.
    • The varied lighting on Pyrrha Nikos' weapon, Miló.
    • Rendering cubes being leftover from modeling poses.
    • The positions of characters, creatures and/or buildings in certain shots.
    • The height of characters in different scenes.
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