Volume 4Edit

Two Steps Forward, Two Steps BackEdit

Give it to me.
—Ilia, demanding that Blake Belladonna give back her Scroll
You shouldn't have come back.
—Ilia, to Blake

Volume 5Edit

Volume 5 Blake Character ShortEdit

Sometimes, the other girls would say things about the Faunus. That they were animals, that they were dirty, or they lied, and... I'd say these things with them... because I felt like I was one of them. And then, one day, there was a cave-in at the mines. I was at school, when the news broke. Apparently, one of the workers there tripped while handling some agitated Dust crystals. The explosion caused a chain reaction. And my... friends... snickered.
—Ilia telling Blake of her time in a Mantle Prep School
I lost control. Every inch of me turned blue as I wept. And suddenly, all the girls that I'd laughed and played with... were scared of me.
—Ilia revealing to Blake about her true identity being exposed to her former friends
Don't be. I broke their teeth.
—Illia, after Blake apologizes for what happened

Welcome to HavenEdit

Your plan isn’t gonna work, Blake. Please… just leave Menagerie before it’s too late.
—Ilia begged Blake to leave Menagerie
I know.
—Ilia resigning herself to her failed attempt to convince Blake to flee Menagerie

About IliaEdit

You saw Ilia last night, and she's not even the worst!
—Blake, to the injured Sun Wukong
Yeah, that chameleon friend of yours got me good.
—Sun, about his injury
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