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Ilia Amitola grew up in the Faunus miner community in Mantle before moving to Atlas to attend a prep school. During those days, she was forced by her parents to hide her Faunus nature. She enjoyed blending in with Humans and even spoke badly of Faunus along with her Human friends. One day, she and her classmates received news of a large explosion causing a cave-in at the mines. Her friends snickered about it, and Ilia could not contain her emotions. As she cried, her skin turned blue, and her friends became afraid of her. She then assaulted them. Sometime later, she joined the White Fang.


Spying On MenagerieEdit

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Ilia's camouflage

Ilia spies on Blake at the Belladonna's household until discovered, escaping before she can be captured. Later, she fights both Blake and Sun to prevent herself from being interrogated. During the battle, she loses her Scroll, injures Sun and demands that Blake hand over the Scroll. After Blake refuses, Ilia gives her a warning before retreating. The Belladonna family discovers Adam Taurus' plans on the Scroll.

Later she is seen reporting to the Albains on the roof of a Building.

Sometime after that she saves an associate of hers who is pursued by Blake and Sun. After the Albains were confronted by the Belladonna family and Sun, she approaches Blake, who asks her why she took the fall for the Albains. Ilia tells her to leave Menagerie while she still can.

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